Valentine event inside Hello Kitty Online is officially over. I already miss hanging out with the Sailoria Gang! In the end we were farming and gathering like mad for the charity event and I think we did really well! As you can see below, I was drowned in dead coffee plants!


Carlos came to visit me and exclaimed in horror to what he witnessed, he had to look for me, luckily I wore a pink hat so I was easy to spot in the forest of brown.

I just enjoy hanging around talking to everyone about my MAD OBSESSION WITH POWER!


MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *furiously evil laughter*

Anyway, here are two more screenshots (more to follow later) and one of them were Hello Kitty made a guest appearance a few days ago! I tried to hug her, but alas, no success.



Busy at the harbour when the game was opened on Valentine day!


the new interface shows the users differently than the green and red users.


Early on in the game we ended up helping build various guild members houses, like Tree and Carlos! Here Carlos was slave driving us cracking his wand while me, Yin and Otaku worked very hard to complete his wooden house! haha!



Sinniee’s farm was really very beautiful, captured the autumn feel, never did dying leaves look so good!


In the last minutes we were busy harvesting Sorosis, looking at that field, there were 6 of us crowding the fields (we are the ones in green and the star is me), we were busy farming and Otaku was the power mule going everywhere to collect last pieces of clay, sorosis and fragments.


and this is a screenshot of some of our last moments of the game! Sailoria

Some screenshots of the early experience this morning inside Hello Kitty Online when a flood of new players came in and crowded the harbour once more!

Welcome everyone! Everyone was so nice and helpful too, it was fantastic.


and here is the crowd, the new interface makes it more manageable, you can spot the concentration over right at the harbour front.


I have a new laptop and am now uploading my Hello Kitty Online client, I’m using Vista Home right now so will let you know. I still have my mini laptop with XP and that worked just dandy but it should be much better since I have a higher screen rez.

Some interesting things…

A. The client is smaller from the first version during founders beta, i.e. almost 30% smaller!

B. The torrent speed is mad, even for the high bandwidth I have here, I wonder how many people are downloading the game right now but I’m getting great speeds (see image attached)


It’s going to download in under 20 minute, that’s pretty impressive! Judging from the screen, most downloads and seeds are in the US, not surprising I guess.

C. Resizable windows, new GUI and larger screen resolution are things we’ve been screaming for, it’s nice to see it in person!

D. I look forward to hanging out with all our friends again from Sailor Scouts! CYA IN A FEW DAYS!!!

This announcement is special for many reasons.

First of all it’s of course a valentine event, and for hello kitty that’s always sweet, cute and most necessary.

But the thing that is most exciting is that it is a prelude to open beta, opening it for the whole world, if even for just for 3 days is really cool.

Why open it up for 3 days on valentines day? Maybe to invite that special someone to come play with you together on that day? hmmmm…. the plot thickens.

Hello Kitty Online will swing open its doors for Valentine! Yay! There’s more I just copied here below but that’s exciting!

February is the Month of Love, and we invite all Founders to celebrate the joy and love of Valentine’s Day in Hello Kitty Online! From February 12-17, 2009, HKO will host Happy Hearts, an exclusive Founders-only event in which players can get together once more with their friends, take on exciting new quests, and be first to experience some major enhancements to the game!

Here’s a rundown of what’s in store for the HKO Happy Hearts event:

Special Valentine’s-themed quests
Things aren’t all as they should be in Sanrio Land: Cupid has gone missing, and the romance of the season is also nowhere to be found. It’s up to our Founders to find him, and more importantly, help bring back the love! We’ll also be giving away exclusive items to the first few to finish the quest chain, so stay tuned for details!

Improved user interface
This is HKO like you’ve never seen before! Be among the first to experience the improved 1024×768 resolution, movable windows, and easily resizable chatbox! The local area map has also been improved, so keep an eye out for these and other enhancements!

Hello Kitty Online Farm

Revamped farming system
We’ve taken into account your comments and suggestions in our revamp of the farming system. You can now water your plants and invite others to help you with the harvest; growth times have been adjusted; we have added a day cycle for farms; and players can now enjoy 8 new uniquely-designed farm types! After a lot of brainstorming and testing, this one of the most significant changes we’ve made to the game, so don’t miss out!

Keyword chat filter
Included in this events version of HKO is the recently announced chat filter. Offensive words will instantly be blocked from private and public chat to ensure a safer and more enjoyable gaming experience for our players.

Happy Hearts will begin on February 12, 2009 at exactly 22:00 EST, and will end on February 17, 2009 at 23:59 EST. We look forward to celebrating Valentine’s with all of you, and are eager to get your feedback on the many improvements we’ve made to the game. Stay tuned for more updates as the date draws near on the official HKO News blog and the official Event blog. See you soon!

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