That picture reminded me of the Pink Dino in Hello Kitty Online!


I thought only in Hello Kitty Land would there be something as outrageous as a pink dino (Barney came close…) but I guess Utah and HKO are more closely related than I thought!

As some of you know, I post quite regularly on mmorpg as a kind of “pink invasion”.

Well according to some, it may actually be working! Hurrah! See the comment below!

Bruticus_XI- Fri Jan 02 2009 9:12AM

  • By gauging the mumbling and/or grumbling of most of these MMO players, they really want something new. So bbegirl, I think your evil plan will work. HKO (Hello Kitty Online) will get unprecedented population because it’s not WoW.

    That means you’ll have a good year o.O

Happy New Year, may 2009 be a fantastic year for everyone and see you in HKO! The folks at Sanriotown gave us a nice HKO style 2009 countdown video!

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