So I made it, after braving the dangerous trip, I’m in London and am planting seeds on the farm.

It’s understandable that they are still working out on stuff, but the name of some of the seeds are still in chinese, also I’m too low level (I sort of wasn’t the right level, I basically avoided the bees and beatles as much as I could to sneak my way into London) and there I was.

Hopefully there is some serious profit to be made by selling farm produce! So far it’s been a LOT of fun and the people are the best inside HKO.


9 Responses to “My farm at Hello Kitty Online Founders Beta”

  1. congrats! :) can’t wait to have my own farm ^^

  2. Thanks! just exploring still

  3. hurray for BBE!! Finally somebody doing something different!! XD Any strawberry juice on the house? :P

  4. Cool a farm :)!

  5. well done, this must have taken a long time to get to owning a farm?!

  6. it’s worth to sneak over to london for the farm. when you get the strawberry quest be sure to pause your farm before you leave. i forgot to do that and mine withered and died ;_; i had forgotten about the pause option.

    if you need help with the other seeds i posted about it on my blog.

  7. Thanks! yes was aware of the pause button, how one must pay attention to these details!

  8. hihi BBE!
    How was your noodles last night when the chat group at Flora dispersed? Hehe! (=^.^=)

  9. i love that farm how did you make it

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