So with all the hype that’s been going on the “hardcore” gamers, I’ve been going on my pink crusade but I’ve only been doing so on which you can see here. It’s gotten quite a bit of attention! It all started with the pink power post!

It’s been a lot of fun acting like a kind of “pink terrorist” in these places, it’s like an angel invading hell or something like that!

But one thing I don’t like is how dismissive the hardcore gamers are about Hello Kitty Online, who have not even played the game.

The case in point is that in a community like mmorpg, the Hello Kitty Trailer was the hottest, most viewed trailer! The discussions were good with 86 comments on it and another flow of comments in the respective forums, but there were also those who were simply immature, as if there is nothing else to gaming than killing, PvP, PvE and who knows PvXXX and other Pv’s.

So I say, spread the word about the new and the different, HKO is at the forefront! It works, people do pay attention and I’m just looking forward to some new ideas that will come from it if the industry at large would finally take US as a market serious!

Btw, a totally separate off note but I found this poster of HKO on the web! This must be like vintage as I don’t recognize the design at all!

2 Responses to “Spreading the word about HKO”

  1. ooh, pretty picture O_o
    *wants it on my wall*
    Hey, there should be HKO posters!

  2. so how do we go on spreading the word? just write about it?

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