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Phew, finished valentines quests!

February 17th, 2009 by

Thought I wouldn’t make it…that is all :)
Will think of something more creative soon!

Christmas already!

December 23rd, 2008 by

Well, the Christmas reunion is over and it was worth the wait!

It was so good to catch up with the guildies; Starrfire7, Tidesong, Ghost, Noliai (briefly), Juno, Hilleone, Koray…I think thats all I saw, missed the rest of you guys :( hope to see you in OB!

First thing I noticed were all the Christmas decorations! I was so busy exploring I didn’t take any snaps :( I’m sure there will be tons though so don’t lynch mob me ;)

First snap I did get was my cheeky dino. Hes only 5 and already has a mouth like a potty!


My next little adventure to NY (greeeaaat city BTW :P) saw me harvesting 1250 snowballs (along with the rest of the population). Boy oh boy what a snowball fight that would be.

I think I ticked off a snowman because he got his buddies to mob me :/

Meh, Ill leave them alone for a bit and bake a big ginger bread man


…sadly I fell in the cookie dough.

Well I’m a quick learner, and when Juno asked for a little help and we had finished collecting the required things, she made the right decision and stayed away from the mixing pot. Snowman suit!!!


Those 1250 snowballs were a long way off, and for some reason there was one snowman I could not harvest.


Wait…I think I have an imposter. (Guess who :P)

Im pretty short on screenies this time around. To much to do, not enough time!

About 30mins out from the end, the GM’s called everyone to NY to form a line :D Yay! Lines!…this game has a great name really: Hello Kitty onLINE mwahahaha…*cough*

Anywho, heres the beginning of the end.

and the end…


Spot me :D I think this could of been before Starrfire7 turned up :( She did arrive in the nick of time though so you may spot her in her own blog!

Well, until next time! Bring on Christmas!

Christmas is neat!

December 20th, 2008 by

This is really just a place holder and to let you know im not dead!

Had a good catch up with some long lost friends in game which was good :)
Well, not really lost cause they never went anywhere :)

The temporary end.

November 11th, 2008 by

Well its been a while since my last blog, what with all the cool events in HKO during the last few days of FB! (**Warning, image heavy!**

There are a few days of photo’s I missed, but check out my guildies blogs for a good read :) Starrfire7, Noliai & Tidesong all post regular updates :)

Here are a few snaps I took while we were building the Grand central station.

First up, i’ve never seen a hammer so non-hammery! Looks like it would bounce of any nails ;)

Because we only had 6 members on at the time this event started (me, Ghost, Starrfire7, Tidesong, Noliai and Cherrysweet), we couldn’t sit down and rest if we wanted to have any chance of keeping up with the mega guilds. We needed to keep up with the eating! The girls were already building so I got to spend the day in the kitchen (AKA, Noliai’s back yard!)
All up on this build we spent $30k on ingredients for chocolate milk! Lucky i did the shopping else the money would of all been spent on clothes! *Hides from the ladies*

Next photo op wasn’t until we had finished because I had my production window open the whole time so you wouldn’t of been able to see anything anyway!
(Spot the VIP guest!)

What next…oh yeah, GM-Bacon showing off :D


Unfortunately we didn’t come 1st or 2nd, in my opinion we came 3rd ;)
Thats not really the point though because we grew closer as a guild and had SOOO much fun :) And whats more, Noliai has grand central in her back yard!

We hadn’t finished building though. Starrfire7 deserved a fancy home too! What better gift can you give to such a great leader than the Empire state building!

We didn’t have to rush this one so people got a chance to sleep :D Heres the first photo I remembered to get!

And finally its done…

And the inside :)


So thats it for the building :) This was all a few days before the closing day :(

Speaking of closing day, if you thought Sanrio was packed on opening day, check this out!!!

Finally I found my guildies… (and Koray hiding down on the dock!)


What next (i shouldn’t leave it so long between blogs! My memory turns to mush…)
Oh yeah :) After the quiz and Kevent, we had a beach party :D Suprisingly we found a spot on the beach which hadn’t been invaded! Was good to see elvis, ahh i mean Koray, in the last hour of the game :)


We were tanning in the Sanrio sun, when we spotted Kitty in the distance! (By distance I mean running right in front of our noses). Of course we ran to greet her!


I have a sneaky suspicion the GM’s were up to something…a convention of sorts…

What followed was one of the more ‘adult’ moments in the game ;)

The ‘twins’ got into their birth clothes, along with my wife Cherrysweet!


After much persuasion Hileonne and I joined it…I mean how could we resist!


Follwed by a few GM’s and Kitty! They seem to be attracted to the *Twin starrs*
Kitty didn’t remove anything, but i;m sure she enjoyed the fun :)


As usualy, when kitty turns up, so does everyone else :) Our naked party grew rapidly!


So rapidly infact that among the chatter, people missed the fact that this was a NAKED party and sitting down ruins the line :P Oh well, it was good while it lasted (and no offence to those with clothes on and sitting down hehe)

(This is a pano of 3 shot taken after the server was taken down. For some reason I could still walk around :D Click the picture to see the whole thing)


Phew! Thats all I have! Looking forward to exploring more of Sanrioland soon!

Take care!

Paris and parties!

November 3rd, 2008 by

So much has happened! Sorry for taking so long to update you all on my virtual life ;)

First thing first, PARIS!!!
What better place to take my wife for a romantic holiday ;) While we were there, we visited many places, but the only place I remembered the camera was the Moulin Rougeand the opera! Grrr. Ill get Cherrysweet to take it next time, she probably wont forget!



I wanted to take her to this cute little park, but cherry was trying to find a shop that was actually open!

In our travels we found a poor frog who lost his pets :( Of course we’d help him!

As a thank you, he gave us each a Dino to protect us from nasties which populate Sanrio land.

After our well earned break (well, Cherry earned it more, she’s lvl 19 already! catching up…I gotta work harder) we did a bit of farming. Cherrysweet had to hide from Dino. He was a bit upset we told him to stop trampling the vege’s and proceeded to eat Cherry.


Cherry got a little upset with Dino so I told him off and sent him to his Kennel.


After another hard day at work, we headed to Kittys birthday party! She was having 2 and we HAD to attend both ;)

The first one was huge! So huge we could barely move! See if you can spot the *Twin starrs*. Me, Cherrysweet, Starrfire7, Noliai, Tidesong & Ghost were there if my memory serves (someone correct me if I missed someone!). I cant double check the photo because I cant find anyone hehe.


The 2nd party was a bit latter on and a whole lot smaller. I was falling asleep but couldnt miss it!


We had lots of fun guild games, which we among the winners of! (of course hehe)
It was good to have Hineonne there too! Havent seem him in a bit.
Firstly, who can make the straightest line! This was easy with 5 members and we were done in no time! (Spot the imposter hehe)


From left to right: Me (Kiui), Hineonne, Noliai, Starrfire7, Cherrysweet, imposter :P

Then we had to make the shape of the logo of some famous twins…you guessed it, the LTS!
You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to make 2x 5 pointed stars with 5 people.
We made 1 star with ourselves and our jelly dogs all had to help with the seconds.


The came the exodus of London. Wouldn’t believe how scared the beetles were when 1000’s of people came running past them all at once!


All in all it was a good few days :)

Looking forward to more adventures with the guild!

LTS and london!

October 28th, 2008 by

Hi All :)

Time for another update!

Firstly and most exciting, I am now part of the wonderful *Twin Starrs* guild headed up by Starrfire7!
Very cosy and chatty guild which is exactly what I want :) Looking forward to doing more stuff with you all!

In fact, starr even popped in to say hi not long after I joined :)

She claimed she was ‘farm hopping’ but im sure it was just to check up on me ;) I returned the favor…


Any time you need help in your farm starr, let me know ;)

Not a moment after joining, I PM’d ripplecloud as I promised her i’d say hi next time I was in-game!
She told me her conspiracy theory (which I can’t tell you otherwise id have to you know what) followed by a photo’op. Im sure you will her more from her and shes much more interesting than I am!


Before I joined up with Starrfire7 and the gang, I thought id take a trip around london and get a photo with our beloved LTS to score a few points, so here they are along with Kitty (who BTW gave me some earings…very manly).

Took a few tourist shots while running around and tried to make the london guards move. They really are good at standing still!


Im sure you will hear more from me later :)

Till then!

New stuff

October 23rd, 2008 by

A lot has happened since my last blog entry.
First and foremost, my wife Cherrysweet is now playing! Here is a photo we took on our first beach outing :)


She’s hanging out around florapolis at the moment so if you bump into her say hi :)

The last adventure I went on (while Cherrysweet was whacking crabs) was to find a poor lost dog. I was looking for an actual dog so it took me by supprise when I only found its collar!
Hello kitty had the smart idea of hiding from the leopards on a mushroom, maybe the dog should of followed her lead…


And then the nice tomcat gave me a jelly dog! Woohoo! finally!


Hello kitty likes climbing huh?

Well thats me for now. Till I have more news, see you around!

Empire key!!!

October 19th, 2008 by

Well I finally did it :) After hours of farming, grinding (and a generous guild member who gave me the roast vege book) I have my place in history :)
Empire key

Now I rinse and repeat to help my wife out a bit when she joins :)

October 16th, 2008 by

Hello from New Zealand :) Its been 1 week since HKO opened its doors and my work has suffered ever since ;)

I haven’t played since the update and am itching to get back to my farm to make some $$$ and finish the quests I can now read!

Not much to say, just needed to relieve some boredom at work :D Ill start posting with pictures soon so my blog is not so boring hehe

Anywho, hi to whoever is reading, Say hi if you pass me in-game :) For the time being ill be hanging around london beating on monsties and chopping down trees!



October 13th, 2008 by

Well, its day…3 (had to think there, time flys in sanrio land) and things are going swell :)
Made it to london last night and level 13 :) Woohoo!

Leveling is such a challenge, almost as much of a challenge as getting money!
Looks like the quests in london will be less of a grind. Although I cant actaully read them yet being in chinese, there seems to be more errand running…for now anyway :P

Funny thing is, the grind isn’t as boring as other games. Maybe its the super clean environments and the joy one gets from smashing the same bady over the head again and again. Who knows.

The community is very helpful and overall friendly. I did hear someone ‘testing’ the chat filter though ;)

Well must go. See you all in game (whoever takes the time to read my blog :P)

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