Yep.   They lowered the requirements, and I put the guild together.  Without housing at the moment, the guild will just be for chat, and for helping each other finish quests, but… the guild is up.

Message Tom in-game to join, or bug someone else in the guild to have them tell me to let you in if you see them first.

It is not worth my time to grind to level 30, and shouldn’t be worth anyone’s time.  If 1,000,000 is needed to found a guild as well, another thing not worth my personal time.

Until changes are made, I’m outta here; I couldn’t care less about GM-run special events, since I can’t even hear them, because I’m in whisper mode 99 percent of the time helping other people or talking to friends, and I can’t even hear the global announcements!

I quit.

That is all.

With the instability of the servers combined with the crowding, and also the fact the guild NPC is no longer where it was… the guild will start when I get there.

Hey folks!  Hope you’re downloading the official client right now so you don’t miss a minute of the HKO Founders’ Beta!

Bonus points for the GMs for proper use of the apostrophe.   It’s not Founder’s, it belongs to ALL the founders, therefore, Founders’.

Anyhow… as soon as the game launches, I’ll be running to create the (o’:'o) guild with Tom.  If  you see a player named Tom that is NOT linked to this blog, they’re a fake.

I’ll make the guild, and if you need to get back in, PM me in game and I’ll add you immediately.  If you manage to log in and I’m not there, please leave a comment on this blog post with your in-game character name; I’ll add it to my friends list, and add you to the guild as soon as I get a notification of you being online.

Here’s to the (o’:'o) guild!  Let’s build with pride!

EDIT:  Seems we have a glitch in the board code, turning one of the pika-eyes on an angle. If this happens in-game, I will experiment with the guild so the drawing is not misshapen. Hopefully, someone can show me how to fix it on the board…

GM Abby created a pattern for making a BoxPig. Forum thread is here. Here’s my quickie attempt at it, using regular printer paper.


I dub thee Sir Scrapple.

Here’s some other papercrafts that were floating around my room at the time…


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