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Breakfast, snack - your potential killer

This evening, a documentary TV show in Hong Kong talks about trans fat and how very little people know and care about it’s effect.

Well, every morning, we go to our local bakery store to buy our breakfast. Sometimes MacDonald during lunch and then an egg targ in the afternoon tea…

We know there are butter, grease, lard in those ingredients, they are fat alright. But little do we know the fat that these store used contains trans fat which is worst than some fat we thought.

What is trans fat?

It is a short form of trans fatty acid. It happens when artifical process called hydrogenation turn liquid oil to hardened form. It alters the molecular structure and makes the oil undigestable.

What is the effect of consuming trans fat?

It’s likely to increase the level of bad cholestrol and decrease the level of good cholestrol which makes a person more likely to have heart disease. 

What food are likely to contain trans fat?

When the food is made of vegatable oil that is being hardened, like spread: e.g. margerine, peanut butter, salad dressing.

Or when food that is prepared with vegatable oil that’s been hydrogenated, like fried food, baked food, or any food that’s served in restaurants, prepackaged cookies, chips….

It is sad that Hong Kong govenment has not enforced to ban trans fat food in Hong Kong. So it will be difficult to know whether your favorite snack on supermarket shelf contains trans fat or not. But a rule of thumb is that when the nutrition label list “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil”, “hydrogenated vegetable oil” or shortening, is likely to contains trans fat. 

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