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HK Standard Charter Marathon 2007

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

Another year of SC Marathon held this morning, again record number of participants, record number of injured runners…

Today’s temperature is 25 c with humidity almost at 95% in the morning. Not a pleasant condition for long distance running. Luckily, the sun didn’t come up until in the afternoon.

Here, I am going to share some interesting photos that I took…

Some didn’t mind the heat and were willing to add more colors to the event.

There were very old and very young who didn’t want to miss the excitment.

And this guy - always dressed up as a waiter and ran the half marathon every year. Thou his time was slow, he got a big cheering from the spectators as he approaching the finish line.

Last but not the least, the champions of full marathon - both from Kenya! No surprise at all.
M - Steven Loruo Kamar - 2: 17′03″
F - Rose Kembo Nyangacha - 2′:38′19″

Breakfast, snack - your potential killer

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

This evening, a documentary TV show in Hong Kong talks about trans fat and how very little people know and care about it’s effect.

Well, every morning, we go to our local bakery store to buy our breakfast. Sometimes MacDonald during lunch and then an egg targ in the afternoon tea…

We know there are butter, grease, lard in those ingredients, they are fat alright. But little do we know the fat that these store used contains trans fat which is worst than some fat we thought.