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Hiking - Tung Chung to Ngong Ping back to Tung Chung

On the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year, older people used to call this day “red mouth” means “quarrelsome” day. So people generally wouldn’t visit friends and relatives on that day.

 I chose to go hiking, relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful weather outside.


You may heard of the newly built cable car that takes you from Tung Chung MTR station to the big budda, which you can see it’s silhouette on the upper right hand corner.

We started from Tung Chung, took a path which led up to few monestaries, then arrived at Ngong Ping, Po Lin Temple. This walk took about 2.5 hours with really relax pace.


Along the path, I spotted this budda sculpture which has been being chiseled out from the rock.

After having lunch at Ngong Ping, instead of did what tourist do - take the cable car, we took the country trail which just ran right undernearth the cable cars.

It was quite an experience, watching the cable cars passed by over my head.


Then we were on a board walk, climbing down quite a steep hill.


About an hour later, we were back at Tung Chung again. It’s time to have a good meal :)

11 Responses to “Hiking - Tung Chung to Ngong Ping back to Tung Chung”

  1. Says:

    Such a nice view. I’m not really the kind who’d go on hikes like that. I find it really tiring. But I’d want to go especially if I had fun companions with me :)

  2. Says:

    You will be surprised that how many kids were accompanied by their parents on this trail.

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  4. Koyuki-Mama Says:

    Few questions: did you start and end your trail at Tung Chung? Where in Tung Chung after alighting from the MTR station? Your climb up takes 2.5 hours and climb down is about 1 hours as mentioed in your blog, is it right? I’m really keen to take my dog with me for this hike… hence the questions.



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    Good evening, you should be more precisely!

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  8. Lanie Says:

    I wish this is more detailed and that would be more helpful for first timer if you mention here where to start from Tung Chung.Just like myself today i wanted to try that area so i check it out from here but im a bit disappointed because i have no idea where should i start.

    Anyway,thnx for the some tips and those were the nice shots as well.

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