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Chinese New Year is coming to town

I think most Chinese people love holiday especially Chinese New Year. But I began to have mixed feelings about that.. For grown-ups, it time to spend more - Lai See , and do house cleaning…

The latter is the worst. I know… you can hire help for a few hundred hundred dollars mar… But it’s not an option for many low income families. I consider I am in the low income family category because I still haven’t got my million dollars so I can retire at 55…

Anyway, saving that few hundred dollars meaning we have to all the back-breaking house-cleaning work ourselves. Kitchen is the worst place I want to tackle…

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  1. Says:

    Oh I didn’t know that about Chinese New Year, that you had to do house cleaning. Good luck with that. I like Chinese New Year though because of the fireworks and how everyone seems happy ^^~

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