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My Farm

by Erin

testing out the ‘mini-blog’

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by Erin

Today’s the first day of autumn! And yesterday, Colorado already got 5 ft. of snow. :shock: And soo, I decided to change my theme. A secret: if it weren’t for my history with XO, Pekkle would be my favorite Sanrio character.

I want to promote a video of one of my favorite music groups, Epik High. They recently released a 30-track album entitled [e] and this is one of their songs on it called “따라해” (Wannabe). It’s about trendsetters in the music industry, but the music video is a parody of the Korean thriller, The Host. Anyway, they want their video to reach 1 million views, so take a look if you have time! :)

In other news, HKO CB finally ended last weekend, so now I’m not on the computer as much. XD I finally got to go to New York and meet Badtz-Maru on the last day! He was on the stage in the Lincoln Center after some show, apparently. I’m definitely going to live there when OB starts, hehe.

My last screencaps of XO in CB

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