Last night, the GMs held a special edition of Monster Hunt in The Maze! :D I had only played Monster Hunt a few times, and only won when Miku or Tee showed me where the monsters were. XD But I was still excited to play because there were a lot of people and because The Maze is such a fun place! I hope more events are held there. :D

There were 5 sets, with 5 hunts in each set and 2 pets to find in each hunt, so 25 rounds and 50 prizes total. And the best part: the prizes were purple-themed! XD 5 purple Item Mall items each for girls and boys, and for the girls specifically they were: Purple Maou Hair, Purple Sleeveless Top, Purple Professional Skirt, Purple Patent Shoes, and Heart Paper Bag. Here I am modeling the clothes and accessory:

Purple Prizes

I was really surprised at how much I’d improved, and luckily I was able to win all the items except for the last one because I didn’t really want the hair. The last hunt in the last set took forever because the pet’s name was Ch0c0p0l0gIe. XD It took MidNiteEyes about 10 tries to get it, but finally she saved us all and ended the game before 3 am. XD

Just your usual chat while resting in between sets:
Cherri & CocoaBean

Yesterday was an unexpectedly wonderful day for me in HKO!

Knit Cap (1978)

It all started with this homely Knit Cap (1978)…

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