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Tuxedo Sam’s House

by Erin

HKO Buildings #1: Tuxedo Sam’s house in Sanrio Harbour

Click to see the inside and outside!

HKO Buildings

by Erin

With the SLP Bonanza going on, I finally found something to update my blog with! I’m going to screencap and edit all the buildings and houses in HKO. :D The cute graphics is the major reason I fell in love with this game, so I want to truly appreciate the art by viewing the adorable buildings in one piece. Plus, it’ll give me something to do while waiting for NY and Tokyo to open. XD

I’ll post one building a day, and include: the exterior view, interior view, and key (if any) to unlock it. I’ll include the chatrooms and the special buildings without keys, but I think I’ll leave out the Sunbright Express and the Farm Market for now. I’m going to edit my character and my menu bars out to have a clean view, and I’m going to try to “doctor” as little as possible. You guys are free to use my screenshots, and please let me know if you spot a mistake!

Look forward to the first house, Tuxedo Sam’s, tomorrow! :)

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