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Are you like Bad Batz-Maru or Hana Maru?

Posted on Dec, 16, 2009

They spelled Badtz-Maru’s name wrong, but here’s a quiz to find out if you’re naughty or nice. :)

Quiz Start

This test is designed to reveal more about your own personality! When answering questions please choose one of the answers below. Base your decisions on your most typical reaction to get the most reliable results!

  1. Do you like social gatherings?
    Yes (HM)
    No (XO)
  2. If you’re new in school, do you make friends easily?
    Yes (HM)
    No (XO)
  3. Do you always listen to what your parents tell you?
    Yes (HM)
    No (XO)
  4. Do you like doing naughty things to your friends and/or family?
    Yes (XO)
    No (HM)
  5. Do you listen to you teacher’s lessons well?
    Yes (HM)
    No (XO)
  6. Which pet do you prefer?
    Dog (HM)
    Alligator (XO)
  7. Are you friends with everyone or do you prefer being with just your inner circle of friends?
    Friends with everyone (HM)
    Inner circle of friends (XO)
  8. If you broke your mother’s favorite vase, what would you do?
    Tell your mother immediately that it was your fault and apologize whole heartedly. (HM)
    Plan something to evade being scolded (XO)
  9. Which do you prefer collecting:
    Posters of heroes (HM)
    Posters villains (XO)
  10. Do you like making weird faces?
    Yes (XO)
    No (HM)
  11. Do you plan to be a mayor of your town someday?
    Yes (XO)
    No (HM)