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My Farm

Posted on Nov, 14, 2009

testing out the ‘mini-blog’

I accidentally threw out my 48 button mushr
ooms instead of bad root. T_T What a waste
of time and money.

MOOD: sad
MUSIC: 2PM - “Back 2U”

7 Responses to “My Farm”

  1. Interesting… @_@

  2. This is the in-game blog feature? Can the size of the pic be adjusted?:P

  3. Ohh, cute Farm! :)

    Aww, thank you for your comment ;)
    The face you see in the screenshot where I’m watching Purin’s papa walk was actually my face in real life in that moment, haha!

    Yay! You are in the pic! *Goes hug Erin*

  4. *squints eyes* i cant see it :o

  5. Thank you so much! :D I tried to make my entry as funny as possible (especially after I got those screenshots of Purin’s Papa walking). Too bad I didn’t have much time then, or else I would have made more entries XD But I hope I can post more :D
    You guys made an excellent job with your Blogs! Very interesting posts and nice pictures. I hope they do another event like that! :)

  6. *pokes Erin* Just dropping by to say hi!^_^

  7. :]

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