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I had to leave my guild for a second to help a player out with hers, and now I haven’t seen Sugar-chan, Micchi, or Azure for the past couple of days. T_T I hope they haven’t stopped playing HKO because they finished their houses… ;_;  I miss them already. If any of you see one of those three players, please tell them that marubadtz is looking for them!

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by Erin

Wow, I’ve been playing HKO nonstop for the past few days now. @_@ It’s so cute and fun! If you guys are playing too, tell me your usernames so I can add you to my buddy list! :) I’m marubadtz. I hope to see some of you in HKO!

XO Harbour

I made a couple of friends in the game: Sugar-chan, Micchi, and Azure. :) We’re all part of the The Fan Faire guild, a tribute to the GMs’ guild, The Tour Bus, both of which I still don’t fully understand… >_<;; But anyway, I first met Micchi when his naked avatar got stuck on me. XD (I’m really sticky, hahahha.) From there, I offered to help his house and then we met the sweet Sugar-chan when she also offered to help us out out of the blue. After much house-building and watermelon juice-drinking, we found out that we’re very much alike in that we live in the same area, both are 19 years old and are Christians! 8O <3 And after some gender confusion, we eventually got aquainted with Azure, Micchi’s roommate. XD I also met ripplecloud, who is this week’s BotW. You guys should check our her test blog–it’s so cute and entertaining and shows exactly how fun HKO is. :)

Anyway, I just finished entering all three contests today and now I’m making a new house. The Fan Faire is testing out how all the four different houses look like, so I got #4 because it’s my favorite number. :D It’s so fun to build houses together, so I hope I can help you guys build yours, too! <3

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Holy Crap

by Erin

I just finished deleting almost 2,000 spam comments–about 100 pages of it. @_@ I guess that’s what I get for being away for so long. >_< I put up spampoison on my blog, but I honestly don’t know how it works. Hopefully the Math Comment Spam filter will work.

I signed up for the closed beta, and I can’t wait to play it! At least, I hope the download finishes and I can log in successfully before the beta finishes… I had no idea it would be this awesome–I haven’t even tried it yet but everything looks so cool. *_* I’m so excited!

The new Purin layout is so cute! Purin and Pekkle have always been my second favorite Sanrio characters. To be honest, I think I see myself as more of a Pekkle or Purin fan than XO. :o But he and I have too much history for me to change my favorite character so easily like that.
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