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Here’s a huge list of books XD  I haven’t read near all of them, but for a while I kept up fairly well.  Then there was a huge surge of books after the Prequels started coming out and I couldn’t keep up.  XD  I’ll go over them one book/series at a time since this could get rather long lol.

Well, let’s see, out of the ones I have read I like The Courtship of Princess Leia, written by Dave Wolverton the most.  This book takes place shortly after the Return of the Jedi, and Leia is offered the hand of a Prince whose star system wishes to join the Republic.  Han goes crazy and thinks he wins a planet during a sabacc game, but it turns out it’s a scam.  But he kidnaps Leia and runs to the planet he “won”, which is Dathomir. I thought the world Dathomir, where most of the story takes place is pretty cool, as are the Force Sensitive peoples who inhabit it.  I also like the fact that in the Young Jedi Knights series they include the daughter of the Prince and the women he falls in love with there (she’s force sensitive).  Force Sensitive means that they have Jedi powers, but they’re not trained as Jedi.

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