Wow! I was checking out comments to my posts and I saw ripplecloud’s response to my Diana Wynne Jones post and she said congrats on getting Blog of the Week. I scrolled down and there it was! :D I’m glad people are liking it ^^ I’m having a ton of fun finding out what people think about different books, and I really appreciate all the suggestions everyone has given! I really look forward to reading the books, and can’t wait to see what else people recommend.

Thank you all (^.^)V

Written by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. Fun reads with a dark side to it like the Spiderwick books. The books take place in this world called “The Edge”, which is basically a giant floating island, or at least is as far as anyone can tell. The main means of transporting goods is by use of floating airships that use this buoyant rock to maintain their altitude. There is also this gigantic floating school/city called Sanctaphrax built on a enormous chunk of floating rock, held down by a chain. There are sky pirates and all sorts of creatures good and evil. The books have a witty charm to them and the details about the world are captivating, and the artwork is awesome too. I definitely recommend them.

The link to the official random house Edge Chronicles site, really nice looking and interactive:

Image Hosted by
Found pic here.

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