Fairlady-z posted a couple days ago about Anne McCaffrey in my Suggestions? post, so I wanted to talk a little on McCaffrey. One of her books I read recently is No One Noticed the Cat, and I thought that was pretty fun. I’ve also read her The Tower and Hive series about 10 years ago, maybe longer XD I don’t think I’ve read the last two books in The Talent series that if I remember correctly is a prequel to the Rowan stuff. I liked that series and I’ve been meaning to try reading something from her Freedom series to see how that is but haven’t gotten around to it yet XD. But she’s such a prolific writer I may never get around to reading all of her stuff lol. I also wanna check out her The Brain & Brawn Ship series and The Crystal Singer series too. Anyone read those?

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  1. I read her in my teens, think I enjoyed it but I seriously can’t remember anything I read, so she’s not one of the authors I return to nowadays.. too many new things to read! I recently completed Shadowfall by James Clemens. Lots of gross stuff going on in there but guess I wouldn’t mind checking out Book 2 since I started it.

  2. I read her in my teens as well O.o I’m just like you, there’s so much new stuff to read it’s difficult to get back to her XD

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