I realized that since I’ve only been writing about authors and books I like the only thing I’ve been saying about them is “they’re good”.  Which means everything I’ve written about is good, so there’s been nothing saying it’s not good.  But the thing is I just don’t feel like writing about books I didn’t like, cause they just don’t interest me. 

Here goes, but its hard trying to remember the names of some I didn’t like…oh I found this one in my office and took it to the gym with me one day while I was riding a bike and wow, I could not get into it.  It felt like it was written by someone with poorer writing skills then me. XD  The name is Blackstaff, a Forgotten Realms novel by Steven E. Schend.  I got through 60 pages and have not picked it back up.  It’s been on a shelf since I got here over a year and a half ago and no one knows where it came from, and it’s been sitting there since long before I arrived XD

 The thing is, I’ve never been able to get into any of the Forgotten Realms novels, I’ve read 2 or 3 now but they never really left much of an impact.  I’m not really sure why but they just felt blah to me.  I like playing D&D Forgotten Realms based adventures but I don’t know much of anything about its lore.  But I’ve known lots of people who really enjoy the series so I guess it’s just my tastes is all.

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  1. Forgotten Realms? XD I haven’t even heard about it.

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