Has written a ton of books, mostly sci-fi but some non sci-fi like a Dinotopia novel. Most of what I’ve read of his is from the Pip & Flinx series. This series is in the far future where humans have colonized many other planets and encountered several other sentient species, the two main being the Thranx and the Aann.
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The Thranx look like gigantic praying mantises, but I imagine them with more rounded segments, like an ant. AS a species they are very peaceful and were the first species we met when we began colonization. It has been so long since we’ve known them that our civilizations merged, made an entirely new language that is easier for human and Thranx alike to learn, live side by side and even have a religion together.

The Aann though have been enemies of the Thranx since long before we met either of them. The Aann are lizard like bipeds who prefer warm dry places.

Flinx is a human from a colony world named Moth that’s been settled for generations. He was an orphan and was adopted by a woman that everyone calls Mother Mastif. As he grows up in a poorer neighborhood he realizes he has “Talents” such as a sporadic telepathy, but most notably empathetic abilities. He begins searching for his parents to try to learn about the abilities and them.

The books are the journeys and encounters on the many worlds he visits. But he gets side tracked after a while by the task of saving the galaxy if not the universe from an almost invisible, but fast approaching doom from the space/darkness between the galaxies.

Very fun with very lovable characters. Pip btw is Flinxes best friend and an Alespian Flying mini dragon. The mini drag species is know for their ability to form empathetic bonds with their companions.

Fun series with great characters, oh and he’s also written a book trilogy called “Lost and Found”, is a funny, witty series that takes place in modern day, and is about a man and his talking dog. XD Very fun stuff.
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He’s the author of The Golden Compass, which I’m sure a fair few people have seen. I wasn’t very happy with the movie though, and wished they had made it a 3hr movie, maybe 3 and a half so that the whole thing didn’t feel so rushed, like Star Dust.

But the books are incredible. I really like his take on the soul, consciousness and our connection to others. I also really love steampunk, which in my opinion is a completely under appreciated genre. But unfortunately most of the movies in the genre didn’t do so well, like Wild, Wild West.

So my recommendation is to read the books if you didn’t like the movie, and read them if you did ^^
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