For anyone who doesn’t know about the electronic paper is this really cool stuff that they make newer e-book readers out of that mimics paper print in that it’s not stressful on the eyes like a normal monitor/CRT/LCD is, in fact it’s supposed to be as easy to read as a book. This technology is welcome news to my eyes cause I like many others suffer eye fatigue from staring at a computer screen all day. It gets so bad sometimes that my eye starts twitching, which is really frustrating and annoying. One time it go so bad I was having trouble even focusing on stuff that wasn’t even on a computer screen. That’s one of the things that’s been holding me back from getting an e-book reader, is because of the strain it can cause. I like reading a book to give my eyes a chance to relax from 12+ hrs on a computer a day.

I just read up on e-paper and from wikipedia it seems there are only a couple with the “true” e-paper; the Kindle and the iRex iLiad. I’m not sure if all the others are “true e-paper” or not but I’ve know a couple people who’ve owned e-book readers and the one they said they liked the least was the Sony PRS-500 Portable Reader System. They didn’t like the select functions and they didn’t like the battery life.

Anyone know of any they’d recommend?

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