Tanya Huff is another favorite author of mine. She has a witty fun style that you can’t help but lol at. Seriously, I’ll be at the gym on a bike and reading a book of hers and I’ll burst out laughing and everyone just kinda gives me a sideways wth glance XD

The first book of hers I read was Summon the Keeper, and it’s freaking awesome! It’s what you’d call a “Contemporary Fantasy”, meaning that it’s in the modern everyday world, but magical stuff exists for those that believe. So you’re everyday Joe won’t notice it, but if you’re “attuned” to it you see all the extra-worldly stuff.

Well, Summon the Keeper is the first of a series called the “Keeper Chronicles”, all with the same main character, and her awesome cat. Actually, come to think of it I might have bought the book because it had a cat on the cover, then read the back and thought it looked interesting ^^

This is DAW’s blurb on Summon the Keeper:
“Being one of the Earth’s protectors is never easy, but when Claire the Keeper and Austin the cat find themselves in charge of the Elysian Fields Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast, all Hell breaks loose in the form of a gateway residing in the basement!”

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I’ve been working on her Valor Confederation series, which is a sci-fi series based around her main character Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr who leads a platoon of space marines through various situations including a diplomatic mission as envoys to a new species, as well as the exploration of a new alien spacecraft never encountered before. I’ve read the first 2 so far, Valor’s Choice and The Better Part of Valor, but I haven’t read the third one yet The Heart of Valor, but I’ve got it and hopefully will read it next ^^

Valor’s Choice is witty and has a interesting perspective on inter-species diplomacy which I really enjoyed and The Better Part of Valor is just as witty and takes a very in-depth look at what rank is and how its respected.

DAW’s blurb on Valor’s Choice:
“In the distant future, humans and several other races have been granted membership in the Confederation–at a price. They must act as soldier/protectors of the far more civilized races who have long since turned away from war…”

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I also liked her Wizard of the Grove series, it has two books in one, Child of the Grove and The Last Wizard. It’s a wonderful fantasy book, very vivid and cool world with great characters.

DAW’s blurb on Wizard of the Grove:
“Child of the Grove and The Last Wizard form a powerful fantasy duology about the last wizard ever to be born into the world. It is the saga of Crystal, a daughter of Power whose destiny is to put an end to the war between wizards and the mortal world.”
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