XD Well sorta. I’m working 12hr shifts 5 days a week for probably the next couple months >< And w00 I got my first case of Strep throat XD So I haven’t had much time to write ; ;

Did you know a possible side affect of Penicillin is a black hairy tongue? After reading that on the warning label I’m not sure I wanna take my medication… Sometimes ignorance is bliss XD

I realized I’ve for my last bunch of posts I haven’t included any pictures XD  I’ma fix that!

A fun author who’s written several novels, my favorites of which are American Gods, Stardust and the collaborative work with Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens. Good Omens is my favorite out of the three because I like the lightheartedness of it, but American Gods and Stardust are awesome too.

I wasn’t very thrilled with the movie adaptation of Stardust because it felt too rushed to me. I wish they had worked more on the transitions because I understand time constraints but it was just too much to put into 2hrs.

I’ve wanted to get Annasi Boys but haven’t got around to it yet XD It’s a sequel to American Gods. I’ve also read Neverwhere which is a really good read. It makes me want to go explore London :D

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Wow! I was checking out comments to my posts and I saw ripplecloud’s response to my Diana Wynne Jones post and she said congrats on getting Blog of the Week. I scrolled down and there it was! :D I’m glad people are liking it ^^ I’m having a ton of fun finding out what people think about different books, and I really appreciate all the suggestions everyone has given! I really look forward to reading the books, and can’t wait to see what else people recommend.

Thank you all (^.^)V

Written by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. Fun reads with a dark side to it like the Spiderwick books. The books take place in this world called “The Edge”, which is basically a giant floating island, or at least is as far as anyone can tell. The main means of transporting goods is by use of floating airships that use this buoyant rock to maintain their altitude. There is also this gigantic floating school/city called Sanctaphrax built on a enormous chunk of floating rock, held down by a chain. There are sky pirates and all sorts of creatures good and evil. The books have a witty charm to them and the details about the world are captivating, and the artwork is awesome too. I definitely recommend them.

The link to the official random house Edge Chronicles site, really nice looking and interactive:


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Are a fun young adult series that my husband and I read out loud to each other :D They were written by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black. It has a dark feel to it but also a loving one because of how much the siblings care for each other. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I hope to soon. The artwork for the books is incredible, which is because it was drawn by Tony DiTerlizzi, who is one of K’s favorite artists.

I love the fey creatures in the book and the attitudes they’re given, especially Thimbletack. And Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You and The Spiderwick Chronicles: Care and Feeding of Sprites are beautifully drawn. The artwork is immaculately detailed in DiTerlizzi’s wonderful style.

I highly recommend this book not only to younger readers but to everyone!

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A little bit ago I posted asking for Suggestions? and ripplecloud brought up Diana Wynne Jones. So I’ma write about Diana Wynne Jones. I’ve got Howl’s Moving Castle and Castle in the Air at home. I picked them up recently at the local bookstore cause I liked the Ghibli movie. I can’t believe how different the book and the movie are, basically Miazaki just took the characters and the world and wrote a new story. My husband and I both loved Miazaki movies but he’s got a quote that sums up Miazaki’s stuff really well, “He (Miazaki) tries to guilt you into living in the dirt” XD Cause most of his movies are about how us humans are ruining the earth and making all this destructive technology. My favorite movie of his is Spirited Away.

But back to Jones, the books are awesomely written, the world is fantastic, the characters are lovable and witty and overall great reads! Castle in the Air is very clever and amusing and am looking forward to reading it again and also to give it as a gift to my two young nephews when they get a little older.

Diana Wynne Jones on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diana_Wynne_Jones

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Fairlady-z posted a couple days ago about Ray Bradbury in my Suggestions? post. Hopefully many of us have had to read something of Bradbury’s in an English class at some point or other, or maybe even was shown some clips from The Ray Bradbury Theater . He’s noted as being “one of America’s best speculative fiction writers of the 20th century” (wikipedia, Ray Bradbury). He’s an incredibly prolific writer having written hundreds of short stories, a dozen or so novels, and poetry and plays galore. Plus “he adapted 65 of his stories” for The Ray Bradbury Theater.

I have Bradbury Stories: 100 of his most Celebrated Tales as well as his most famous Fahrenheit 451. I really liked By the Numbers!, Colonel Stonesteel’s Genuine Home-made Truly Egyptian Mummy, Bright Phoenix and June 2001: And the Moon Be Still As Bright out of the 100 tales book. And I am very glad that we have authors like Bradbury, Huxley and Orwell because they teach us to keep an eye on the way the world is going. It’s every ones responsibility to keep our governments in check because they’re not gonna do it on there own.

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Fairlady-z posted a couple days ago about Anne McCaffrey in my Suggestions? post, so I wanted to talk a little on McCaffrey. One of her books I read recently is No One Noticed the Cat, and I thought that was pretty fun. I’ve also read her The Tower and Hive series about 10 years ago, maybe longer XD I don’t think I’ve read the last two books in The Talent series that if I remember correctly is a prequel to the Rowan stuff. I liked that series and I’ve been meaning to try reading something from her Freedom series to see how that is but haven’t gotten around to it yet XD. But she’s such a prolific writer I may never get around to reading all of her stuff lol. I also wanna check out her The Brain & Brawn Ship series and The Crystal Singer series too. Anyone read those?

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Shadowrun is an RPG (Role Playing Game) is heavily influenced by Gibson’s vision of the future, where corporations hire “shadowrunners” who are basically mercenaries for hire who have specialized skills be it hacking, magic, weaponry or sneaking. They then infiltrate rival companies and either sabotage or steal information as requested by their employer.

Very fun campaign system that makes you think on multiple levels at once because the companies have not only physical security systems but also magical/astral and online ones as well. There are also the traditional fantasy humanoids in this game as well, including Elves, Dwarves and Trolls. They are called metahumans and started appearing as magic began to reemerge into the world.

Oo, I was reading over the wiki article and they have a very good breakdown of why the world (alternate future) happened the way it did:

“The emergence of magic, the outbreak of the VITAS plagues (Virally Induced Toxic Allergy Syndrome), the Computer Crash of 2029 (caused by a complex and nearly unstoppable computer virus called “The Crash Entity”), the Euro-Wars, in which the western-European countries once fought off an invasion from neo-communist Russia and then a pan-Islamic invasion like that of 800 years ago, and the fevers for independence of Amerindian tribes, Chinese provinces, etc. left the world’s governments tumbling and falling. With the fall of the existing political structures, mega-corporations emerged as the new superpowers.” - wikipedia, Shadowrun

Very fun game and is just as fun to read up on the history (future?) of it.

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