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Spottie dottie and Saturn valley…

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

So yeah, I made a invention to get Spottie Dottie’s dots back on. I hope it works for her.

Anywho, I traveled to Saturn valley. I didn’t see any bad guys…Thank goodness! I would have been dead meat. (Wish and Cube aren’t coming along with me- they’re playing dectives and trying to figure out what is going on) But, Mr.Bloo is coming along with me. (His parents are worrying about him…) And so yeah, when I got there a Mr.Saturn waddled up to us. “Hi! Boing! You Leomax and Mr.Bloo,Zoom?” He said. And I nodded my head yes. “Kay-o. Follow me,” The Mr.Saturn said, and lead us to a Saturn shack. “You stay, kay-o?” He asked. “Sure, we’ll stay here,” I replied. Me and Mr.Bloo waited, and we ate a few Peanut cheese bars. The Mr.Saturn came back into the shack a hour later, “Chosen four here! Zoom! You know them?” he asked. “Well, I don’t know them personally, but I know who they are,” I said. “Kay-o. Why don’t stay here? We like you, zoom. And Mr.Bloo not talk to parents!” The Mr.Saturn replied. Him and Mr.Bloo talked for a bit- I forgot what they said, and Mr.Bloo said he was going to visit his parents now.

So right now, I’m alone in this Saturn shack. I have no clue why they want me here…But, I like the Mr.Saturns. They are so sweet. :3 Well, bye for now. ^^


A saturn valley- in sanriotown?!

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

There is a Saturn valley in Sanriotown!

 If you read my last post, I showed you my Mr.Saturn buddy. Recently, I learned there is a Saturn valley in Sanriotown. (It doesn’t surpise me, Mr.Saturns love everyone) I was walking by myself, until a Mr.Saturn waddled up to me. “Letter for Leomax! Zoom!” he said and walked off. I didn’t know who it could be- possibly my family? or my school, Snow wood? I’m not sure. I opened up the letter and here is what it said-

“Hi Ho. Its us,Mr.Saturns! Hi ho leomax. You have good name. Anywhooooo we need you now! Boing! Please halp! Send robots and Mr.Bloo too. Parents have been worrying about him, Zoom. So you got it, kay-o? Kay-o. Saturn valley is next to big river. We saw Girl and Boy there! Boing! Please come.

-The Mr.Saturns”

It took me a while to understand what the Mr.Saturns were trying to say; but they need help on something. The whole world has been going threw chaos- And now the poor little Mr.Saturns! I noticed that the Mr.Saturns mentioned a river, I remember Shinelly saying something about a river. But who knows- there’s alot of rivers in the world.

I’m gonna try and look for Saturn valley! See ya!

Nothing much is going on….

Saturday, November 7th, 2009


I haven’t seen Shinelly around for a while now. I wonder where she is? I hope she is alright. I give her my blessings. I haven’t heard from Starpy or anyone from my world. I hope they are alright as well. (I give them my blessings as well…) I wonder if my family is here at Sanriotown as well? I hope so. I’ve been lonely. But thankgoodness that W.I.S.H,C.U.B.E, and Mr.Bloo have been here. They are my best friends. <3

By the way- Thanksgiving is coming up! Oooh I can’t wait! All this talk about family and friends reminded me of it. I can’t wait for some mashed potatos…Mmmm…Yum! And after that there’s Christmas! Ohh~ I can’t wait for christmas either.

This may seem lil’ off topic, but I promised you guys to show you a pic of Mr.Bloo! My Mr.Saturn buddy! Well here he is.

Yeah, thats him. He’s a sweet heart! He was born at Saturn valley. Where all the cute little Mr.Saturns live~

Well, I’m going to bed. Its 1:03 am right now…*yawns* Night!


Sunday, November 1st, 2009

My my my. Look who’s back!

I haven’t been posting that much! I’m terribly sorry. Anyways, it doesn’t look like I missed much. But Spottie Dotty has a fan boy! He keeps on following her around and stuff…I feel sorry for her. O.o

So how are you guys? 8)


Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Eeeek! :D I’m going to a sleep-over now. Its my first time going to one. Yaaay! Its gonna be so much fun. xD

Me, Shinelly, and Elizabeth. I wanted to help out, but they didn’t want me to…The show was great! Anywho, quess who I found!

W.I.S.H! My robot! <3 (I know the pic is big…Oh well. X3) He said C.U.B.E (my other robot) is here to, and so is Mr.Bloo. So yeah. I got half of my friends here with me.

I’m going to a ice cream party!

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

After me and the orange kid’s escape, the orange kid went by himself to look for his friends. If he has any. Anyways, I somehow met a cat named Daniel and a penguin named Sam. (Tuxedo Sam and Dear Daniel, actually) They are fighting over this girl, I don’t really get it…But, oh well. I kinda befriended Tuxedo Sam so, he’s pretty cool. Dear Daniel is nice as well, he seems cool. Anyways, thats when randomly a girl named Pink said I was invited to a Ice Cream party! Wow- This adventure started off pretty bad, and now its getting pretty cool! I hope they have chocolate ice cream there! ^^ Its my fave!

 Anyways…Thats when…Um…I drank a love potion. o_o’ I thought it was chocolate syrup…But…This probably means that I’m going to fall in love soon. *sigh* But I already kinda like some one…

Um…Wait…What did I just say?

No- Its not anyone from Sanrio town. He’s actually from Winters and he helped save the world one. <3 Oh my…I think I’ve said to much! o////o;

Chao~ (Bye! X3)

Shinelly,Starpy,and the Orange Kid

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Okay, remember how I said I met a girl named Shinelly?

She says she is a Sky wizard (I’m not sure what a Sky wizard is at the moment) and she is trying to help me out. When we first met, the first thing I said was “WHERE THE HECK AM I?!”, she replied, “Sanriotown”. I’ve never seen “Sanriotown” on a map before, did the Starman teleport me to a diffrent world? I don’t think so, because Shinelly is a human. I ran off to find one of my friends (W.I.S.H,Mr.Bloo,Or Lucky), or a part of my family. I hope I wasn’t rude to her, just I need some help. Thats when….

Another Starman appeared. -_-’

“Slow down, female human,” It said. (I’m 100% sure he didn’t even know what a human is) I, Of course, stopped in fear. “Please don’t be scared,” the Starman said. I was still scared, Starmans are a part of Giygas’ evil army. “W-w-what do you want!” I yelled. “…Nothing. Come with me.” He said. I just stayed where I was at, because I don’t trust starmans. “Please…I promise I won’t hurt you.” The Starman said one again. Thats when I began to trust him alittle, but I still didn’t trust him. “I’m Starpy, the youngest starman to visit Earth…See… Me, My friends,My family, and other Starmans didn’t come here to destory the Earth just like how the Giygas’ Starman army. We actually came here to help the Earth. There is going to be a great Magic war in this small town, Sanriotown. This war may destory the whole earth if were not careful…And if we, the Starman fight, it shall happen. Things have gone crazy all over the world because of this. We are choosing people to save the Earth, Leomax….your one of them. At least, I beleve so.”

He said…That I was going to be a hero? And he is a GOOD Starman? This all doesn’t make any sence to me.

“How am I gonna help? And how do you know my name? And how do you know that I am gonna be a hero in this ‘Magic War’ you speak of?” I said. “I asked your family what your name was. And us Starman….we can sence who is a hero. And I am sencing that your a hero. And….Who knows how your gonna help. Its just apart of life.” Starpy replied. “Now Leomax, Come with meee….Come with Meeee….”

I feel asleep. -.-’

I woke up in a small house. I Ran up to the window, I saw Starpy guarding the house. This must be a important house! I turned, there was a kid, looking at me. He was dressed in orange, he had glasses and bright yellow hair. “Hi there!” He yelled out. “I’m the Orange kid! Um…Your Leomax Layton right?” ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMGGGG!!!! Didn’t the Apple kid say that the Orange Kid was a friend of my family?

“Um…” He said “Your Leomax Layton, Right?”. I was puzzled by his question (mainly because I didn’t know him) I replied “Yes sir.”. ‘Well, I’m Apple Kid,” the kid replied “Your probably looking for you family?” I nodded my head. “We are 99% sure that they were kidnapped.” Apple Kid said “They were with my friend,Orange Kid, when they went missing.”

Yes, thats what the Boy said. I issume this is the Orange kid that the “Apple” kid was talking about. “Uhh yah,” I replied to the Orange Kid. “Well, your Parents say your kinda handy when making science stuff….Can you look at this for me?” The Orange kid asked, he handed me over a small box with a button on it. I quickly pressed the button, and it played a song called “Ode to the Orange Kid” and then it exploded. But, the explodion made a giant hole in the wall. “Great, we can get out of here!” I said. “But-” Orange Kid began to talk. “COME ON!” I was already out of the small house.

I’ll write to you later, Journal. -Leomax

…This cannot be happening…

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Okay, so Me and W.I.S.H teleported to Twoson to see my family. Sounds happy right? It isn’t.

 When I got there, everyone was freaking out. Me and W.I.S.H didn’t understand, we asked someone. He said,”This is a bad day to visit twoson, Ma’am. There’s been lots of starmen here destorying homes and kidnapping people. Who knows where they are taking them, but we are pretty sure it isn’t a good place. Remember Giygas?”. I freaked. My family could be easily one of thoughs people that got kidnapped. My family has been threw so much, now this?!

 As when I mean so much stuff…

I have a Twin brother named Will. Will enjoys adventuring and such, but has been badly hurt thousands of times. He has went missing one time. He and Me were four when this happened. But Liz (my sister) thankfully found him. -.-’  My parents put me in Winters because of Snow Wood boarding school, to keep me safe. Me and my family are all from Winters.

 Well anyway, back to the story.

I ran up to my house, I slamed opened the door. No one. Thats until I ran into a fat kid dressed up like a apple. “Um…” He said “Your Leomax Layton right?”. I was puzzled by his question (mainly because I don’t know him) and I replied “Yes Sir”. “Well, I’m Apple Kid,” the kid replied, “Your probably looking for you family?”. I nodded my head. “We are 99% that they were kidnapped.” Apple Kid said “They were with my friend, Orange Kid, when they went missing.”

I was destoryed by what the boy just said.

I burst into tears, and ran off. W.I.S.H how ever, followed me. He doesn’t know my family yet. So he didn’t know what I was crying about. When I ran into Onett, thats when it happened….

I ran into my pet dog, Lucky, its been forever since I have seen him. Seeing Lucky made me even sadder. He ran up and licked me, I knew he was trying to make me feel better. Thats when….A Starman appeared. Me,W.I.S.H,and Lucky freaked. We knew that we had to battle him. But I didn’t know what to do…He used PK Fire, we were all K.Oed after that.

………………….and now……………………….

I awake here. In field filled with Sunflowers…..I see my Mother…and my Father here…My twin brother’s face…and My sister’s smile….

W.I.S.H is nowhere to be seen. The same with Lucky. I ran around for a little while, then I fell off a cliff. (Whoops!) And landed in a small town. A young girl, (she looked about 9) came up to me. She helped me up and asked me who I was, I said was Leomax. And she said her name was Shinelly, and she is a Sky wizard.

There’s alot more to come, I’ll tell you more in my next post, Journal. See ya!

I’m planing to visit my family!

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Yes. Yes I am.

 My family curently lives in Twoson. A town in the south and its in eagleland. (So far away!!!) I’m taking W.I.S.H the robot with me and my best friend, Mr.Bloo the Mr.Saturn. Well Journal, you probably don’t know what a Mr.Saturn is. But I’ll tell you. Mr.Saturns are a creature that is rumored to be from space. They live in Saturn Valley (also in eagleland) and me and Mr.Bloo have been friends forever. Anywho, My family is actully from Winters as well. I never got why they moved to Twoson and stuck me here with Snow Woods boarding school. Where everyone enjoys bullying me. ;_; I have no human friends. I normally befriend the “non-humans”. (Animals and robots…I guess. O.o) W.I.S.H said to me that he can teleport me to Twoson. I can’t wait!!!!

-Leomax (P.S. I will show you a picture of Mr.Bloo and W.I.S.H soon!)

Oh gosh, W.I.S.H….

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Hey journal, the young boy you ask? Its W.I.S.H.

 You may not have known, but W.I.S.H is a robot I made.  He was the one that made the earthquake a while back. He has teleported me to Onett (A town in eagleland; its not in Foggyland like where I’m from.) and he didn’t mean to do this. So he teleported me back to Winters. A cold, snowy place where everyone loves to bully me and make fun of me. ;_; W.I.S.H is kinda like a older brother to me. (Even though I’m older, dur) He trys to protect me and normally gets himself hurt. He can teleport, but he is clumsy at times and can cause earthquakes while doing them.

Anywho, Onett. I saw a little bit of it today and I was very impressed. But hey, any place is better than Winters. At least Dr.Andonuts lives here. He’s Jeff’s father. I don’t know Dr.Andonuts or Jeff himself. But they seem cool. Jeff is around my age. (I think Jeff is 14 and I’m 11, and who knows how old his father is… o_o)

I gotta get going. Its time for lunch. See ya!