I took these early this morning, but haven’t got a chance to post them until now.  The scores should be relatively the same since, especially since the MegaPig and other party pets weren’t around any more.

Who won each day (individual players):

and the overall scores for individual players.  As you can see, Bless apparently never sleeps. XD

And on the guild side, here’s which guild won on a day to day basis

and, lastly,  the final total of the points for the guilds.

Last night was the finale of the HKO birthday events.  I stayed through the main part of the party and took a few quick screen shots.

As with the previous party, people were led to the SnowyLands to go cheer the MegaPig through 5 full cycles.  But, since it was the transfer between maps that made me disconnect and miss everything last time, I stayed in London (no matter how many times the GM hinted otherwise).  When finished there, we got a cut scene of the sad, sad pigs.  This cued the formation of special, named MegaPigs:

Hitting all 5 caused a cut scene of the happy, happy pigs.  And that was it.

The GM’s wrangled us in to a group photo.  Here’s the one I took:

There were GM games being arranged, but I decided to log off and hand the computer back to my hubby instead.

Finally, here’s the true heroine of this whole event

Mimmy.  That’s right-  Mimmy.  It’s her birthday too, but she goes ahead and lets her sister take all of the credit. C’mon Kitty! How about a little thank you for the sister that helped wake your fluffy tail up?

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