Since I finally have some coins for the IM, I poked around some last night.  There has been a huge increase in LP cost for the (free) farms.  A level 4 farm has gone from costing 500LP up to 1250LP and a level 8 is up from 1000LP to 3500LP.

It doesn’t help to give more chances for people to gain LP if you hike the prices on something that people need to play the game.  And I don’t care about the fact that people can pay coins for the farms. Yes SD is a business and yes they need to make money.  But they can make plenty of money just fine without holding your game progress hostage until you either pay or gather a large sum of LP.

I wish I had known that I had to use the item before I started the house building process (it’s supposed to be used while gathering).

At least I found out before I started building Taci’s 3 room house.

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