See… they really are out to get me.  Er, us.  Whatever.

So on the 25th, Jansen came back to his farm to find the sleeping mole.

No problem, Mole Hunter Taci verified that a brass band couldn’t wake him up.  But today, the mole came back in the mood to attack:

So what could Jansen do?  He called Taci, who canceled her party events to come help.

Of course, she didn’t waste time in getting on her mole-hunting uniform.  She just grabbed her net and went immediately.

So if anyone else on the NA server finds their farm invaded by an aggressive Star Mole, give me a PM.  I’ll be happy to take the menace down for you.

I have to admit I’m a little disappointed in the main Birthday event.  Here’s a few pictures anyway.

This was taken at midnight on Halloween night.  Just some fun as the clock officially hit Kitty’s (and Mimmy’s!) birthday(s).

(I turned off names so that you could see faces better).

Afterward, GM-Persimmon decided that we shoulddo some emotes for the screen shot.  Here’s”OMG”… except for the one person who had to be different.  Sorry I didn’t get his name to call him out for not following directions ;)

Next up was “Yay”

Last night  was the official celebration.  Things started fine as we all milled about in London

then things started to go south.  First, we were asked to all go to the Snowy area.  That caused massive lags and disconnects.  Once there… we had to smack Mr. Pig 5 times.  So we waited around and did so.  Then we were instructed to go back to London for…

I don’t know. I was disconnected while going back to London.  By the time I got the connection back up and running, the event was over.  I wish I would have just stayed on the London map when everyone else went off to the Snowy area.  I know there’s a couple of flash images in the HKO folders- one shows the unhappy Mr. Pig, the other a happy Mr. Pig.  So bleh.  I have no clue what happened.

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