Yup, that’s right.  We’ve had another cat show up on our doorstep.  He’s really young (as in “having trouble eating dry food” young) and we’re not sure where he came from.  It also looks like he has a mild infection in his right eye :(  We’ve scooped him up and will be keeping him safe, of course.  He’s doing fine, save for sneezing everywhere.

The funny thing  is, he’s so young (and can’t see too well right now) he hasn’t caught on that our black tom cat isn’t his new mommy.  Said tom was a little unhappy the first few times the new kitten tried to nurse. Luckily for his sake the kitten caught on pretty quickly.

As can be expected of a random cat on the doorstep, he’s really shy of people still.  That’s slowly changing and from the looks of it, he’s going to turn out to be very affectionate.  We didn’t really need another cat, mind you… but he’s here now, so he can be added to the group of cats that hang out on our porch.

As evident by my last post, I hate storms.  Our house is in a little valley in a hill (imagine a hill with a little dip in one side), so most storms/severe weather will bounce right over us.  But it doesn’t stop the noise (which is really what gets me).

This morning I’m woken by an absolute howling wind.  According to the weather, there’s been gust up to 45 miles per hour.  Then I realize “Oh, it was a nice night out… so we left the cats out.”  I scrambled out of bed and stood out in the wind and rain calling my kitties inside.  Luckily, I used the same “kitty call” I use when it’s time to feed them so they came running.  Including the random sick kitten that showed up on our porch a couple of days ago (which I didn’t mention yesterday- I’ll post about him next).

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