Some people who know me know that I have really bad nightmares.  As in “nearly nightly”.   So this morning I’m in a dream that’s on the border between “really unpleasant” and “nightmare” when the local tornado sirens went off. So I snapped out of the dream I was in, panicking.

The kicker is that there seems to be nothing wrong.  No storms (it’s a beautiful early morning), no fires that are being sounded for, no zombie uprising, no creepy fog, no impending doom of any kind. Just the sirens randomly going off.

As a scary note: our town is so small that there’s not a publicly owned siren.  The nearest disaster siren (the only one you can hear out here) is a privately owned one.  That freaks me out because if that particular family isn’t home at the time of some sort of OMG-disaster there won’t be any warning.

It’s going to be a morning filled with coffee today.

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