Two completely separate things to put in. First, when the new map showing Tokyo was added in, there’s not a space for the Rainbow Plain:

Does this mean that the Rainbow Plain (and your first run in with the Komodo Lizard) will eventually be no more?  If so, what will happen to the Rainbow and Candy Trees (the later are needed to make the Candy Cottage house)?

As for the other thing I noticed, here’s Isisarc’s notes on experimenting with the (now removed) special seeds. Her end product was named “Tokyo Tokens”, which she couldn’t find out what they did.  But look at where my cursor is pointed:

That looks a whole lot like some sort of HKO casino/game center, at least to me.  Perhaps that’s where Tokyo Tokens are meant to be used?I guess we’ll see when we get there.

Yay… the event is finally over.  I can’t wait to hear the results.  Hopefully my IM will finally open so I can use any of the LP the Dreamers might win.

Here’s a group shot from immediately after the event:

and then the cookie eating began (I didn’t have any on me):

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