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Astro’s adventures in Hello Kitty Online

I’ve Been Featured! ^_^

I got such an awesome surprise yesterday!

I opened up SanrioTown’s Blog of the Week post and saw…

It was me! ^_^ See? See???

They even used my all-time favorite pic of me and OMGumdrop in the feature!

I’m so happy! ^_^ Thank you, SanrioTown, for featuring me! ^_^

I took a little hiatus from HKO for a bit after Christmas.

Well, actually… it was during MY Christmas.

My sister lives out of town, so we celebrated Christmas when she was finally able to come out here for awhile. So we did our Christmas in January - and it was tons of fun! ^_^

I hope everyone else’s Christmases were happy, too ^_^

(I got so much Hello Kitty stuff… Tee hee! ^_^)

And now… we’re all so busy making food!

The Food For Friends 2 event is going on!

I love, love, love, love this event! ^_^

It’s so fun to engage in light-hearted competition AND give to a good cause. This time, our hard work will benefit the people of Haiti. Awesome!

CinnamonCafe is currently in fifth place in the guild rankings - which I think is awesome, considering how small our guild is. ^_^

I’m so proud of everybody!!! Keep up the good work, guild! ^_^

And now… some adventures for you! ^_^

Along with taking a hiatus, you often miss people.

I missed my friend Tee! (AKA shesroyaltee ^_^)

So when I saw her in London, I had to run right over!

To my surprise, she’d grown a beard in the long time since I last saw her.

Hmm… Soft beard is soft! XD

I don’t normally pet my friends, but that beard looked SO soft! XD

Notice OMGumdrop is pretending he doesn’t know me.

Although I’d probably do that too, if he started petting people…

While making all this food for Haiti, I’ve walked through the Farm Market a bajillion times (that’s a technical term there, bajillion ^_~).

But never before did the Farm Merchant walk around in there! O_o

I walked in and he floated right over to where me and OMGumdrop were…

…and then turned around and floated right back. O_o

(What is going on here???)

OMGumdrop didn’t really mind the weirdness.

He just saw a photo op. I’ve raised him well.

Then he stayed that way, facing away from his customers.

It was a little rude, if you ask me…

BTW, that’s my new guildmate Shrieker in that picture. Hi Shrieker! ^_^

 It turned out Shrieker wasn’t the only CinnamonCafe member there.

nevermouse was also there… and she saw the same thing!

This conversation amused me very, very much! XD

So that’s it for now!

I’ll update again when I have more adventures to share ^_^

And thank you again, SanrioTown, for featuring my blog!

I am incredibly honored that my little blog of adventures was noticed! ^_^

Much love to everyone!

Belated Christmas Post!

I took some pictures around Christmastime and meant to post them here.

Actually, I thought I HAD posted them here…

But they’re not here, so I didn’t. Oops!

So here they are! ^_^

HKO was all decked out for the holidays…

So I snapped some pics of my favorite decorations ^_^

What an adorable Christmas tree!

OMGumdrop says he’s seen better ones…

But I think he’s just impatient for our next stop.


A whole family of them. How cute!

OMGumdrop really liked the Snowmen. Look how happy he is!

Of course, I had to take OMGumdrop to see Santa.

He asked Santa for lots of biscuits and to make new friends.

(Good thing I bought extra biscuits in Florapolis before!)

I was thinking about ways to make OMGumdrop’s other Christmas wish come true… and I was coming up blank. After all, we already have so many awesome friends in HKO, it would be tough to top that!

Then I thought of someone who would be perfect.

A few quests later and…

OMGumdrop was so excited he couldn’t sit still for a good picture XD

Kitty understood, though. She’s awesome like that.

With OMGumdrop’s Christmas dreams fulfilled, it was time to play!

And what better place to play than Sanrio Harbor?

(Pictured here: Sanrio Harbor. The fun is implied.)

The best part about Sanrio Harbor? Always fun people to chat with ^_^

And GMs!

Here’s GM-Avocado posing for a snapshot with Mr. Jinch. How cute!

…and here’s GM-Neverender from FB.

In his underwear.

Shortly after I snapped this and told him I’d done so, he ran off into the trees (literally!) shouting noooooooo. XD

The moral of that story is that you should always get a screencap when you see a GM in their underwear.

Especially Neverender. He really, really likes it. ^_~

This is actually a double post… So I’ll be posting again in just a few minutes!

Keep an eye out for it ^_^

GM Adventures!

Hello! Astro here, reporting with more adventures!

This installment is all about fun with some of HKO’s awesome GMs!

I had some quests in Sanrio Harbor, so I took the train there…

And once I got to the harbor, I found GM_Mango standing somewhere CUTE!

Isn’t she adorable? I love how she always spawns somewhere cute. ^_^

I also love this outfit of hers! Look, I took a close-up…

That is… the cutest outfit EVER. Seriously. Ever ever.

I was snapping some pics of GM_Mango, then  I wandered off to get sticks.

Sticks, you know, for the Toys for Tots charity event…

Which is the bestest event EVER!

But that’s for another blog post ^_~

I wandered back by GM_Mango…

To find that GM_Dewberry had joined her. OMG, twice the cuteness ^_^

I love how the GMs spawn in such neat spots. Makes for great pictures!

That’s kinda a big picture, I know… but there’s a lot of cuteness.

That’s Dewberry on the rocks, Me and OMGumdrop behind him…

Mango by the fishy sign and Lucid in front of her.

We’re such a lovely bunch of people… ^_^

I snapped that pic, then tabbed out to get it cropped and saved.

I tabbed back into HKO…

to find that Dewberry had moved beside me for more pics! ^_^

So cute! ^_^

Me and OMGumdrop really like this pic ^_~

It seems that while I was busy snapping adorable pictures…

GM_Mango was off causing trouble! XD

She was turning into animals and chasing people around. ^_^

I had a picture of her as a Pyrodon, but I don’t know what happened to it.

But I have this:

It’s a GM_Chilleon!!! XD

Notice how OMGumdrop is hiding behind me…

He was a little scared, but I told him it was just GM_Mango being silly.

So he wasn’t scared anymore ^_^

Now changing into animals is one thing…

…but multiplying is another thing entirely.

I don’t know how Mango did it…

but those two Purlynxes were BOTH named GM_Mango! ^_^

OMGumdrop was still a little nervous about all these happenings, so he made sure to bring our friend Lucid with us when we went to investigate these strange goings-on…

He says her bunny slippers make him feel safe. ^_^

Shortly after all of this fun, GM_Dewberry and GM_Mango had to go T_T

We’re always sad to see them go, because they’re so much fun!

*sends bloghugs to them both*

I did snap a picture of GM_Avocado, who was next on duty!

He spawned in a boat. XD

Again, with the cute spawning spots! ^_^

Well, that’s it for this entry, folks!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed it. ^_^ I enjoy blogging them for you!

Hopefully, I’ll have more adventures for you soon…


I be havin’ ‘em.

And here’s some pics of them for you to see ^_^

I like to goof around with my guildies.

They really make HKO special for me and I love ‘em lots! ^_^

So when I got some special pumpkin seeds…

I wanted my friends to come and harvest ‘em with me ^_^

This is Suigyoku, me and Amai… farmin’ pumpkins!

BTW, it takes forever to wait for TWO pets to pose for a picture.

Let alone three.

But I got lucky with this next shot…

Here’s me, Phoeona and AlesanaKitty goofing off in Alesana’s house.

I wanted to get a shot of OMGumdrop on Alesana’s bed…

And luckily, all the other pets were in good spots, too!

House party! House party! Jumpin’ on beds! Yay! ^_^

I’ve been working on the Pet Hunt quests.

I got the first one done pretty easily… but the second one was a nightmare!

The Cobraks wouldn’t drop a card until my friend Katz bullied them.

The Arachneas wouldn’t even speak to me. So rude.

And then the Slyverns…

Well, I’d stunned nearly 2000 of them and no card. T_T

I figured I’d better head to town to empty my inventory, but then…


Well… WooHoo a couple hours too late XD

I like Beijing. It’s a pretty nice place to be. Very cute.

Sometimes I die and then get sent back there.

And sometimes I’m a bit lazy, so I just lay around for awhile.

(OMGumdrop likes to pose for pictures, even when I’m dead.)

Anyway, so sometimes I lay around in town. Meh.

Then sometimes people walk up to me and kick me in the back.

These people are named AlesanaKitty and should be avoided at all costs.

You might want to avoid their pets, too.

They really, really like to sit on your head.

And let me tell you… Diet Snapple Tea isn’t “lite” by any means.

And this…

This is wrong on SO many levels.


Here’s a cute picture of me and OMGumdrop in Paris:

Here’s a not-so-cute picture of me and OMGumdrop in Paris:


Last, but certainly not least…

While hanging around in Paris, GM-Mango suddenly appeared!

She said hello to everyone in Map Chat… and I looked to see where she was.

She was somewhere VERY awesome!

So I went over to take a picture.

Awesome GM Picture Alert:


I so <3 HKO’s GMs ^_^ They’re all so fun!

I will try to snap more awesome pics of them for everybody ^_^

Well, that’s all the adventures I have for you today!

Stay tuned for more! ^_^

(I’d better get busy having some for ya…!)

Adventures with OMGumdrop

I have lots of fun and adventures with all of my friends in HKO.

But there’s someone who’s with me everywhere I go in the game.

That’s my pet, OMGumdrop.

We have a lot of adventures, he and I.

We go to the beach…

We visit our vacation home…

We even farm exotic vegetables!

We also meet lots of interesting people in our adventures.

We met Landry, who had recently been the victim of vandalism.

It seems someone had silly stringed his front door.

We offered to help him clean it up…

…but I guess he decided he liked it better that way.

We also met My Melody’s mama.

I think OMGumdrop had a little crush on her.

“Melody’s Mom has got it goin’ on…”

We even ran into a wedding!

We’re not really sure if that’s legal in HKO…

But OMGumdrop doesn’t care.

He just loves weddings <3

Here we are playing Hide ‘n’ Seek:

Can you see me? (And no, I’m not behind the Malachite Rock!)

OMGumdrop wasn’t fooled… He’s really good at Hide ‘n’ Seek!

Well, that’s the end of our post!

OMGumdrop hopes you’ve all enjoyed reading about his adventures.

We promise to try to have more of them for you to read about!

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