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This is amazing.. so many things have happened in the past year!
Just to shorten this post, I’ll just record all that has happened with me.

* My store, Fairytropolis Exported, was finished while I was away in my homeland! All I have to do now is finish painting and tile, and all all the inventory. Free invitations to the grand opening to everyone! :D

* I’m not too sure how everything went here with my uncle wreaking havoc in dimensions, but I pray that Pink Bear, Lily, and Mimmy are all well!

What about you guys? How’s life here in Sanriotown?

Oh no! This isn’t good, this isn’t good at all! A very panicked MK here, coming to you from my trusty and super handy mini-laptop.

I’m taking an Aeropodix to Fairytropolis as we speak, because the worst of the worst of things to happen just happened.

The Sacred Orb (in our native language, it’s a fegaharu.) has been STOLEN! I received a letter from the current ruler of Fairytropolis/my dad this morning.

I have translated most of the letter already!

Dear Mariah-Kaniwalieu my dearest daughter,

There is an enormous emergency in our fair kingdom of Fairytropolis, the fegaharu has been stolen.

An intruder has somehow managed to sneak past the royal guards. Checking the security tapes, it appears the intruder was some type  of Shade. But not any shade.. this type of other-worldly creature was not wearing translucently black robes. He was wearing a dark green cloak, top and bottom.

Legend says this type of Shade went extinct thousands of years ago. I will write you again when we find out more about it’s return.. but most likely you will come here, won’t you dear?

It has followed you through your own transportation portal to SanrioTown, and from there it has taken all the necessary steps to find its way back here. I have been informed that it has gone through a portal recently, near Sanriotown actually.

I ask of you to check with your friends, make sure they are ok, and ask around to see if somebody has been traveling to other dimensions.

You are one of the strongest Gemlak fairies still left in this race, I still do not understand why you have decided to move away.

I know it is a lot to ask of you, but I ask that you PLEASE come use your powers to save Fairytropolis. If this Shade is not caught soon, it could werck havoc through all dimensions.. including yours.

Your mother and sisters say hello, we all love you and hope to see you soon.

- From The Desk of Vixar Tamitor.

Since I am close to arriving at the castle, I have to go. I should be back in time for the Carnival, and construction for Fairytropolis Exported is finished but there is still so much to do.

I am on the lookout for that “Shade”.. if you guys see anything suspicious going on, please let me know! It might be him, or an associate.

Bye! -MK

Hey ya’ll :D Fairy friend Mariah-Kan here.

I accidentally did this:


Yup. Spilled my Fairy Dust. Yup. Sure did.

The reason that’s a problem? I have to spend my time trying to make more.

You know how fairies make their fairy dust? They have to rub.

Rub their wings. You know how tiring it is to have to rub your wings all day? Very tiring.

So.. the only reason this is so urgent is because I wanted to give Pink some fairy dust for her quest, since I heard she needs some.

Better get to work!


Hey guys :)

Coming from the author controling Mariah-Kan..

Can anybody tell me what some of these surnames and suffixes mean?

Like.. Chan, Kan, San..

Well, actually, just those three xD

Hi! My name is Mariah-Kan! I moved here from Fairytropolis, and I’ve settled into my new home on the outskirts of SanrioTown and set-up my computer, so here’s my blog!

Fairytropolis is located deep in Asia, underground near Tokyo, and it stretches all the way to The Great Wall of China, so we undergo Asian names.

I hope I get to know you all very well.. Fairies are all shapes and sizes, and we’re very human-like so.. hope I can hide my wings well!

Be cool, be you! :D

-Mariah-Kan <3

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