• August 2009
    S M T W T F S
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Oh no! This isn’t good, this isn’t good at all! A very panicked MK here, coming to you from my trusty and super handy mini-laptop.

I’m taking an Aeropodix to Fairytropolis as we speak, because the worst of the worst of things to happen just happened.

The Sacred Orb (in our native language, it’s a fegaharu.) has been STOLEN! I received a letter from the current ruler of Fairytropolis/my dad this morning.

I have translated most of the letter already!

Dear Mariah-Kaniwalieu my dearest daughter,

There is an enormous emergency in our fair kingdom of Fairytropolis, the fegaharu has been stolen.

An intruder has somehow managed to sneak past the royal guards. Checking the security tapes, it appears the intruder was some type  of Shade. But not any shade.. this type of other-worldly creature was not wearing translucently black robes. He was wearing a dark green cloak, top and bottom.

Legend says this type of Shade went extinct thousands of years ago. I will write you again when we find out more about it’s return.. but most likely you will come here, won’t you dear?

It has followed you through your own transportation portal to SanrioTown, and from there it has taken all the necessary steps to find its way back here. I have been informed that it has gone through a portal recently, near Sanriotown actually.