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Hey ya’ll :D Fairy friend Mariah-Kan here.

I accidentally did this:


Yup. Spilled my Fairy Dust. Yup. Sure did.

The reason that’s a problem? I have to spend my time trying to make more.

You know how fairies make their fairy dust? They have to rub.

Rub their wings. You know how tiring it is to have to rub your wings all day? Very tiring.

So.. the only reason this is so urgent is because I wanted to give Pink some fairy dust for her quest, since I heard she needs some.

Better get to work!


9 Responses to “Fairy Dust Spill D:”

  1. No offense, but pretending your a fairy on your own blog is kinda lame.(More than just lame).

  2. hey yall

  3. cinnamoangel- I like pretending I’m a fairy, and maybe I think being lame is awesome ;o

  4. Cinnamoangel: That wasn’t very nice, everyone is intitled to there own opion yes, but it doesn’t mean you should say things in such a way. If you want to give an opion make sure it will bare helpful advice not insult the person and do nothing about it. Besides, there are different forms of creativity, some are better displayed as fictional characters. Right Mariah?

  5. Right Pink! :D Well said.
    Now, back to the fantasy world, shall we? :>

  6. Hi Mariah! Right now I’m talking to you from my mini laptop, just wanted tell you things are going pretty well, we haven’t gotten to the realm yet but we’re making progress, Mimmy says hi. :) Well have a good day and I look forward to seeing your store up and runing soon, once I get back if there hasn’t been any changes I’ll see what I can do. Take care now.
    From your friends Pink and Mimmy.

  7. Your a fairy? amazing! are you tiny or large? ^_^

  8. Hello Mariah-Kan! It’s Pink Bear, just wanted to ask you how things are going. Have gotten you store up and running yet? How about your family? I hope you hear from them often since you moved to Sanrio. Well I’m off now, Mimmy and I have gotten pretty far along in the realms of magic. Take care.
    From your friends Pink and Mimmy.

  9. Hey! I’m a fairy too! Although I’ve never spilled my fairy dust myself, I’ve blown it up… which was probably not the best idea. Yup. I know rubbing wings is tiring!!! So yeh I’m new to sanriotown, so what’s pink’s quest? maybe I can help too! I’m a fire fairy so i have some spells that could help! I will visit her blog but yeah im feelin’ lazy. well that’s it.

    (BTW, NEVER EVER try to take your fairy dust to a highly explosive site even if just to see what happens)

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