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Hey ya’ll :D Fairy friend Mariah-Kan here.

I accidentally did this:


Yup. Spilled my Fairy Dust. Yup. Sure did.

The reason that’s a problem? I have to spend my time trying to make more.

You know how fairies make their fairy dust? They have to rub.

Rub their wings. You know how tiring it is to have to rub your wings all day? Very tiring.

So.. the only reason this is so urgent is because I wanted to give Pink some fairy dust for her quest, since I heard she needs some.

Better get to work!


Hey hey people! It’s your favorite fairy friend Mariah-Kan! :D

I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been working on the permit thing and catching up with all of the other SanrioTown residents and people outside of SanrioTown.

Like, I mean Mimmy, Pink, Lily Cat, Keroppi, and even Kuromi when she posts. It’s almost like stalking, since they don’t really know me yet :>

I also follow Jun when he posts on LiveJournal :>

Now, back to business. After the contractor who lived in Russia sent me my permit and contract, I signed everything I needed to sign and sent it back. Do you know how much it is to ship PAPER inside of another sheet of PAPER to Russia from Sanriotown? TOO MUCH! Too much to ship PAPER!

I’ve written all of the supplies I will need to build my building:

  • 90,000 Green Leaves
  • 13,000lbs of cement
  •  123,000 strong sticks
  • A couple of trees
  • A whole mess of tables and chairs
  • 78 Shelves (Small and Medium)
  • 12 Cash Registers
  • A ton of duct tape
  • A very large amount of staples
  • (of course) Inventory
  • Plumbing Supplies (vents, toilets, sinks, ect.)

Is that too much? o.o

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