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This is amazing.. so many things have happened in the past year!
Just to shorten this post, I’ll just record all that has happened with me.

* My store, Fairytropolis Exported, was finished while I was away in my homeland! All I have to do now is finish painting and tile, and all all the inventory. Free invitations to the grand opening to everyone! :D

* I’m not too sure how everything went here with my uncle wreaking havoc in dimensions, but I pray that Pink Bear, Lily, and Mimmy are all well!

What about you guys? How’s life here in Sanriotown?

Oh no! This isn’t good, this isn’t good at all! A very panicked MK here, coming to you from my trusty and super handy mini-laptop.

I’m taking an Aeropodix to Fairytropolis as we speak, because the worst of the worst of things to happen just happened.

The Sacred Orb (in our native language, it’s a fegaharu.) has been STOLEN! I received a letter from the current ruler of Fairytropolis/my dad this morning.

I have translated most of the letter already!

Dear Mariah-Kaniwalieu my dearest daughter,

There is an enormous emergency in our fair kingdom of Fairytropolis, the fegaharu has been stolen.

An intruder has somehow managed to sneak past the royal guards. Checking the security tapes, it appears the intruder was some type  of Shade. But not any shade.. this type of other-worldly creature was not wearing translucently black robes. He was wearing a dark green cloak, top and bottom.

Legend says this type of Shade went extinct thousands of years ago. I will write you again when we find out more about it’s return.. but most likely you will come here, won’t you dear?

It has followed you through your own transportation portal to SanrioTown, and from there it has taken all the necessary steps to find its way back here. I have been informed that it has gone through a portal recently, near Sanriotown actually.

I ask of you to check with your friends, make sure they are ok, and ask around to see if somebody has been traveling to other dimensions.

You are one of the strongest Gemlak fairies still left in this race, I still do not understand why you have decided to move away.

I know it is a lot to ask of you, but I ask that you PLEASE come use your powers to save Fairytropolis. If this Shade is not caught soon, it could werck havoc through all dimensions.. including yours.

Your mother and sisters say hello, we all love you and hope to see you soon.

- From The Desk of Vixar Tamitor.

Since I am close to arriving at the castle, I have to go. I should be back in time for the Carnival, and construction for Fairytropolis Exported is finished but there is still so much to do.

I am on the lookout for that “Shade”.. if you guys see anything suspicious going on, please let me know! It might be him, or an associate.

Bye! -MK

Ayayayaya! :3 MK here, still at the site, but not for long!

Thanks to Lily for helping me get the workers re-motivated,  the building is almost finished! Right now, I’m just mapping out the blueprints for laying out the tile, paint, and wallpaper.. the workers are making the foundation and the wall.. the rest is up to me and my magic!

I still have much to do, so I better get to work!

Peace! -MK

p.s. Would I look good blonde? I was thinking of dying my hair.. just for a change.

Or maybe lighter brown streaks?

Ayayayaya :3 MK here from the construction site of my new store opening soon, Fairytropolis Exported!

I haven’t posted in a while due to the fact that I had to make more fairy dust.. and I had to stay in the mud room so I wouldn’t get it everywhere. Now? My wings hurt so much.. my species of fairies believe in doing everything old fashioned.. but I never believed in that. So why did I spend hours on end rubbing my wings? =_=;

I was inspired by Pink Bear to get my own mini laptop so I could update from anywhere.

Being around all these strong, sweaty men makes me bored.. oddly. So I figure I’d update a little bit!

Well, guess I better get back to work!

I’ll post pics of my makeover from shopping at the SanrioTown Mall later on, from you know.. April?


Hey ya’ll :D Fairy friend Mariah-Kan here.

I accidentally did this:


Yup. Spilled my Fairy Dust. Yup. Sure did.

The reason that’s a problem? I have to spend my time trying to make more.

You know how fairies make their fairy dust? They have to rub.

Rub their wings. You know how tiring it is to have to rub your wings all day? Very tiring.

So.. the only reason this is so urgent is because I wanted to give Pink some fairy dust for her quest, since I heard she needs some.

Better get to work!


Hey hey people! It’s your favorite fairy friend Mariah-Kan! :D

I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been working on the permit thing and catching up with all of the other SanrioTown residents and people outside of SanrioTown.

Like, I mean Mimmy, Pink, Lily Cat, Keroppi, and even Kuromi when she posts. It’s almost like stalking, since they don’t really know me yet :>

I also follow Jun when he posts on LiveJournal :>

Now, back to business. After the contractor who lived in Russia sent me my permit and contract, I signed everything I needed to sign and sent it back. Do you know how much it is to ship PAPER inside of another sheet of PAPER to Russia from Sanriotown? TOO MUCH! Too much to ship PAPER!

I’ve written all of the supplies I will need to build my building:

  • 90,000 Green Leaves
  • 13,000lbs of cement
  •  123,000 strong sticks
  • A couple of trees
  • A whole mess of tables and chairs
  • 78 Shelves (Small and Medium)
  • 12 Cash Registers
  • A ton of duct tape
  • A very large amount of staples
  • (of course) Inventory
  • Plumbing Supplies (vents, toilets, sinks, ect.)

Is that too much? o.o

The secretary got on the phone and called up the mayor of SanrioTown.

“Sir, there is someone here to see you.. Mariah-Kan.. mhm.. yes.. sure.. yes sir, thank you sir! Yea, totally! Goodbye!”

“OK Miss-Kan, the Mayor will see you now. Just go down this hallway and make a right, a left, another right, and keep walking straight until you see the Mayor’s office!”

“Thank you! Bye!”TOTALLY!”

Following the blond secretary’s instructions was easy, but dealing with that annoying catchphrase of hers was totally not. When I arrived at the Mayor’s office..

“Ahhh, Miss-Kan! It’s so nice to see you! Please, have a seat!”

“Thank you, sir! I mean.. Mr. Mayor!” “No need to be so formal! Call me Frank! I like Frank :D” “Um, sure.. Frank.”

“Why are you here today, Mariah?”

“As you may know, I’m opening a new fairy-friendly store, and I was wondering if you were the one to issue me a permit to grant me permission to built on a lot?”

“Why, no! I’m not the guy to need.. but I will definitively put a professional contractor on the line if you would like to purchase a permit, is that OK?”

“Yea, sure! How soon can you contact one?” I needed that permit A-SAP! Frank said,

“How about now, on speaker phone?” Yay! “That’d be great!” Totally!” (Umm, did Frank just say the same catchphrase as that ditsy secretary? Uh-oh.. she’s rubbing off on him! Or.. maybe it’s the other way around..)

“BillyBobBilly’s Construction and Contracting Site, how can I help you?”

“Hey Bob, it’s Jerry!” (Um, is his name not Frank?) “I’ve got Mariah-Kan sitting right here with me, and..”
the mayor was cut-off with- “OH MY GOSH, Mariah-Kan?! THE MARIAH-KAN?!”

“Wow, I had no idea how popular I was! Musta been a really good bake sale.. haha!”, I said. The contractor went on and on and on about the sale.. until the mayor cut him off and said, “Um, Bob? Still here.” “Sorry FranknJerry. What does Miss-Mariah want?”
(Finally, someone called me Miss-Mariah!)

“She needs a permit, fast, quick, not cheap, not expensive, badda-bing badda-boom, hook me up maaaaaan!” (I believe the Mayor has some identity issues.)

“Yea, sure, definitively. Mariah, I’ll send the permit in the mail and you should get it in about 3-4 business days!”

“Thanks, Bob!”

It’s been 33 business days. Nobody told me the contractor lived in Russia.

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.. I’ve been really busy with Fairytropolis Exported! Lemme fill you in on what’s been happening.

You know that fundraiser I was going to have? Well, it was a HUGE success! All of my friends from Fairytropolis came into town, and we all danced and ate and had a great time! I saved some for all of my SanrioTown friends, so don’t worry! They’re still in my magic non-perish pantry (>^_^)> [- ‘  ‘ -]

After I got the money I needed, I went to find a contractor and a city official dude to help me build the joint and get me the permits I need, and this is what went down:

When I get there, the secretary says,

“Good afternoon, how can I help you?” I say, “Yes, can I please make an appointment to speak with a local city official or something? I’m building a new shop :)”

“Wait.. I’ve heard of you! You’re Mariah-Kan, right? Wow, it IS you! That bake sale you set up was amazing! I mean, all that great food and those awesome cookies?! My daughters loved it, and I like, TOTALLY ate so many cookies that I totally..”

(Yes, the secretary  totally went all valley-girl on me!” I cut her off and politely said,

“Gee, thanks! Now, when can I see someone?”

“Oh, yes, that’s right.. let me get right on that, Miss Kan!”



Hey guys :)

Coming from the author controling Mariah-Kan..

Can anybody tell me what some of these surnames and suffixes mean?

Like.. Chan, Kan, San..

Well, actually, just those three xD

In order to do ANYTHING with my shop, I have to have money to start with! I’ve decided to mix my love of music, dancing, and baking all in one fundraiser!

I’m looking for cookie recipes to use.. some playlists to play.. and some new dance moves!

I’m matching cookie flavors with music and dances.. so for example:

Cookies- Cha-Chaocolate Chip Cookies          Cha-Chacolate Chip Cookies

Music & Dance- Cha-Cha & Cha-Cha Slide

That’s the plan! If you want to suggest anything, let me know! :D

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