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Sorry about that, all should hopefully be well this time around.  Now that I think I got that sorted out, we can go back to talking about Hello Kitty Online!

I’m still here at the Sanrio Digital main office and it’s been a really hectic past few weeks.  Our deadlines are looming and we have a whole bunch of stuff in are list that needs to be added to or fixed in the game.

We’ve implemented the core storyline of the game, so all of the quests are new.   There is now a ton of quests (one of the maps has over 70 quests for example!) and the quest system itself has been revamped, giving you a lot more activities to do apart from the old quest objectives.

New maps and NPCs have been added to accommodate these new quests.  Some of these maps are huge!  You can bet that you’ll be going through a wild adventure through Sanrio Land when Hello Kitty Online comes back.

Looking at the game now (and I’m literally looking at it BTW), I really think you’ll all be having a lot more fun when the game comes back online.  We’ve got several new un-announced game features, but I won’t spoil that yet.  I’ll let the Hello Kitty Online Official Blog publish those first.  In the meantime, stay tuned! There are a lot more to come!

5 Responses to “Guh Spam-Attack; A Few Updates”

  1. ALL the quests are new? O_o Does that mean we have to start from scratch?

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  3. ooh, I’m getting so excited reading about this. Please bring HKO back. NOW! :P

  4. Wowwwww! Over 70 quests in ONE map?! Ohhh come on alreadyyy! lol. I already know I’ll be getting lost in those huge maps.

  5. THANKS so much for breaking the silence and finding time to post!

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