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This is seriously spooky!  It’s the stuff nightmares are made of! WTH is that banana peel doing there?!?

crawling bacon

11 Responses to “Iiiitssss aaaallliiivvveee!!!!!”

  1. Oh. My. Bacon-ness (O_O) How…

  2. Run!!!! :D

  3. Waah, omg, the video is making me shiver! Dude that is so freaky. I’m wary of the kitchen sink now.

  4. *shiver* how can I ever eat any bacon again :O

  5. “oh look there,the little bacon snakes! How cute ^^ ”

  6. My, my. How long did you leave your bacon out?

  7. That just gives me the creeps …. O_o

  8. I keep trying to figure out of it’s forming a word… o.o Looks kind of like “you” before it loops back to the beginning. OMG THE BACON IS TALKING TO US.

  9. Wow! Good eyes! I only noticed that now. Perhaps the bacon is spelling “you” in order to say “I will eat you” :D

  10. Another good reason to be a vegetarian! :)

  11. Haha, that’s adorable. ^^

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