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 Please note: For more graphics, please check out my other blog: http://blog.hellokitty.com/kimonobutterfly. It’s still under construction, but I’ll have it up and running as soon as I have time!

Hello and welcome! This page includes some graphics I have made. :) Please, feel free to use any of them for your forum signatures or anything else like that. Just make sure you follow the rules in the Terms of Use section! I try to update every 1 to 2 weeks, so check back often for updates! I’m only making ones featuring Sanrio characters for now, but that’s subject to change. :)

Thanks for visiting!

Terms of Use:

1. Always leave the credit! I have included the url to my blog in each one of them, and I would prefer if you didn’t take it out. I have already tried my best to make the url  as indiscreet as possible… sorry, but that’s the best I can do.

2. Don’t modify them without permission! If you want to make any changes for whatever reason, please e-mail me first at: ariarose@mymelody.com, asking for permission to do so. Also, if I say no, please respect that and don’t go ahead and change it anyways. -_-;

3. No flames! I’m open to constructive critism, but don’t go on to say how much they suck, and how much better your work is, or whatever. If you do, you will be blocked.

4.  Don’t take credit for my work! Don’t claim you made these banners when you really didn’t! They might not be the most awesome ones out there, but I worked hard on them!

If you want to see them in a bigger size (as the ones on this page are sorta… scrunched), just click on the image and drag your mouse to the address bar. :) Also, if you want the HTML code for them, just right click, click on “Properties”, and copy the URL. Then, do this following code: <img src=”insert URL here”>. Paste the URL within the quotation marks. :D


Cinnamoangelsbanner.jpg picture by Ariaette

Cinnamoangels Banner 1

IMG Code:


LloromannicBanner.jpg picture by Ariaette

Lloromannic Banner 1

IMG Code:

LloromannicBanner2.jpg picture by Ariaette

Lloromannic Banner 2

IMG Code:

Ahiru No Pekkle:

AhiruNoPekkleBanner.jpg picture by Ariaette

Ahiru No Pekkle Banner 1

IMG Code:


BadtzMarubanner.jpg picture by Ariaette

Bad Badtz-Maru banner 1

IMG Code:

Charmmy Kitty

CharmmyKittyBanner2.jpg picture by Ariaette
 Charmmy Kitty Banner

IMG Code:

 pompompurincloverbanner.jpg picture by Ariaette

Pom Pom Purin Clover Banner

IMG Code: