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Math Riddle Answer (Long Overdue ^^;)

There are exactly eight possibilities for the product of three ages to be 36.

Son 1     Son 2     Son 3     Product     Sum

1           1           36         36            38

1           2           18         36            21

1           3           12         36            16

1           4            9          36            14

1           6            6          36            13

2           2            9          36            13

2           3            6          36            11

3           3            4          36            10

Since Ivan could not solve the problem when he knew the sum of the three numbers – the date of the encounter – that meant the sum had to be 13, for which there are 2 possibilities. The added information about the youngest son means that one of the possibilities can be eliminated – the 9 year old and the two 2 year olds – since in this case there is no youngest son. Igor’s sons are 1 years old with twins of 6 years old.

In case you didn’t get that. xP :

So, the first thing you’re probably wondering is: how can we solve this puzzle if we don’t know the date when they meet?

Let’s look at it this way: there are 8 possibilities for the product of the three ages to equal 36. If you look at the sum, you can see that 13 is the only sum to be repeated twice. If the sum was, say, 14, Ivan wouldn’t have any trouble solving the problem. But because he had trouble, it showed us that the date of the encounter was the 13th, because he couldn’t solve the problem – there were two possible answers.

Now that we nailed the date, we can concentrate on the ages of the sons. We have two possibilities as to what the ages could be:

First possibility: Twins of 2 years old and a boy that’s 9 years old.

Second possibility: A one year boy and twins of 6 years old.

At this point, Ivan told Igor he couldn’t solve the problem. Igor realized this and told him that his youngest son has red hair.

So you’re probably thinking – that’s irrelevant. What does that have to do with anything?

Take a look at the ages again – if there were twins of 2 years old and a 9 year old boy, doesn’t that mean there is no youngest son? (And no, the whole “one twin is born before the other” doesn’t count).

That leaves you with the last choice.

Igor has a one year old boy and 6 year old twins.

She’s Still Alive! D;

Currently feeling:chikas_pink12 Dazed

I know, I know. It’s been almost a month since I blogged.

Well, I can’t exactly say it’s because I’ve been busy, because that would be a lie. I guess it has more to do with laziness and the lack of anything to write about. ^^;

So, a brief recap of my summer so far:

1. Took emergency first aid!

Yeah, youngest person there. ^^; It was fun, but tiring.

2. Went on safari!

Well, we went to a safari park, to be exact. xD One part let monkeys climb on your car – but no monkeys climbed on ours. x(

3. Gaia Online!

I’ve been going on that site everyday. x3 If you want to make an account there, click on the link to my Gaia account on my Blogroll.

4. Tutor’s Homework!

Been trying to avoid doing it. x( But anyways, a lot of writing to do! I have to read a couple of books over the summer: I, Robot, To Kill a Mockingbird, Alice in Wonderland, Animal Farm (not as childish as it sounds!) and The Alchemist. I have to write a literary report for The Tell-Tale Heart.

Here’s a beautiful, short animation of it. A bit creepy, but what do you expect from Poe? xP

I also have to write 3 pieces for a writing contest. So busy~

5. Piano Exam!

Sorta freaking about this, because I won’t have much practice time (see reason why below). It isn’t that bad, because even if I fail it, I will be going on to the next level (Piano teacher told us that too late. D:), but I would still like to pass. I’m trying to cram in as much practice as I can before I leave. My hands are tired. T.T

6.Going to camp!
Yeah, I’m going to camp for 3 weeks, so I won’t be blogging at that time… I’ll miss everyone here at Sanriotown!

Happy Fourth of July! (Belated, again)

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Been feeling busy lately. But Happy Fourth of July to all the Americans! Hope you guys had fun. ^^

Canada Day (Belated)

Currently feeling: Patriotic. :3


Of course, there were fireworks! It’s sorta hard to take pics of fireworks, I took a video instead. xD But my family kept on talking in it, so I think it’s a bit too embarrassing for me to post it here. There were a lot of red and white fireworks near the end. :3

So, on to Canada Day! It was formerly known as Dominion Day. It’s celebrated on the first of July, to commemorate the 1867 enactment of the British North America Act. The act united the country of Canada, which was composed of four provinces at the time. x3 The provinces were: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec.

Canada Day 2008 Snowbirds over Parliament.jpg

The Snowbirds over the Parliament buildings.  I wasn’t actually there for the event, the pictures from Wikipedia (as usual). Read more about Canada Day here.

Yay for patriotic pride~ I love Canada! Second largest country, eh? (And no, I don’t actually say “eh” in real life. FYI).

And no, we’re not America’s funny hat, kay? D:

So seriously, move here. The igloos are pretty comfy. :3

:] Ok, the stereotypes are done. You can come out now.

A bit about my day – went to the eye doctor’s (eyes are fine). Oh, and the answer to that Russian mathematician puzzle will come tomorrow or something. Unless you guys want a couple more days.

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day~

Will blog about it tomorrow! :)

BrainMatics: Logic Puzzles

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Went shopping today~

On top of the usual things, I bought these 2 books on an impulse:


I’m ok with math, but it’s not my strongest subject. xD

I’m going to post the first puzzle in the book. It made my brain hurt.

Two Russian mathematicians meet on a plane:

“I believe you have three sons, what are their ages today?” asks Ivan.

"Yes, I do have three sons. The product of their ages is 36, and the sum of their ages is exactly today’s date,” answers Igor.

“I’m sorry, Igor, but that doesn’t tell me the ages of your sons,” says Ivan after a minute or two.

“Oh I forgot to tell you. My youngest son has red hair.”

"Ah, now it’s clear. I now know exactly how old your sons are,” concludes Ivan.

How did Ivan work out the ages of the sons?

© BrainMatics Logic Puzzles by Ivan Moscovich

Yeah, I don’t get it either. ^^;

Answer will be in next post! >:3 Feel free to e-mail me your answer, or leave an answer in the comments. No cheating! x)

Two Posts in One Day?!

Currently feeling: angelstar-kaos014Still tired (and very bored)

Yup, another post… x_x I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, so I’ll post another one for today.

So far, nothing has been really happening in summer vacation. All I’ve been doing is going on the computer, playing DS, going to the park or swimming. In other words, I’m really bored at the moment. xD

I’ve finished playing almost all my favourite DS games, which is awful. Now I have nothing to play… which is actually a big tragedy in my case. So, I’m desperately looking for new DS games to replace the old ones, but I’m having difficulty… I’ve started playing Touch Detective, which is sort of old, and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. They’re ok, they just haven’t sparked my interest all that much. So, if you guys know of any good games, please let me know.

The past couple of days have been… mediocre. My cousin is staying with us for the summer, but she hangs out with my brother more than me, because her and my brother are around the same age. We went swimming, went to the park (the park has sprinklers, so we ran through those xD), and got some free ice cream.

And that’s… it.

I’ll be banished to camp for 3 weeks, which I’m not looking forward to and I have to practice for my piano exam. Man, I’m bored.

So, how is everyone else’s summer? Hopefully better than mine. x_x

Graduation Dinner (Belated Post)

Currently feeling: angelstar-kaos014Tired

Ever since summer vacation, I’ve been feeling so lazy… I don’t feel like blogging at all… but since there’s still a lot of stuff to write about, I might as well get started.

So, first off, graduation dinner. Yup, a very bittersweet evening. We went to church in the morning and had our graduation mass. Afterwards, we had until around… 6 or so to prepare for the big night~

I didn’t think my mom would want to pay a lot of money for hair and nails and stuff… but in the end, I got my hair curled at the hairdressers for around  $30. Then, we rushed to a nail parlour, and a family friend paid for my manicure and pedicure~ It was $35, so I felt sorta guilty…


Blue nails! It matches the ribbon on my dress… my dress was black, strapless and ruffled-ish with a blue ribbon around the waist. I would post a pic, but since I don’t post pictures of myself online, I can’t. D: (Pictures of toes and fingers are fine, though). The thing to the left is my big toe, just in case your wondering. x(

After, I got dressed. A friend did my makeup, lent me a clutch, and we were off!

Well, I ended being semi-late… I just made it as all the graduates were walking into the banquet hall. The place was a bit smaller than I expected, but a whole lot fancier.

Before dinner started, we had the speeches, award presentations, etc. In the end, I won the Language award! (Like I mentioned in my other post). My heart never beat so fast. xD I also got on honour roll! :D

Then, the principals, teachers and valedictorians made their speeches, and dinner finally started! I sat at a table with my parents, my friends, and their parents. The food actually wasn’t all that tasty, meh. They put little star sparkles on the tables, though, and I made them into a smiley face! DSC00984 

I’m sorry for the bad quality… x(

Then, all the parents left, and the dancing started. My feet were killing me… I wore high heels throughout the entire thing, because I didn’t want to get my feet dirty, or get them cut on broken glass… (it happened to one girl last year…), so they were really sore by the end of the night. Fortunately, no blisters…

When it was time to go, let’s just say that everyone was an emotional wreck. We were all crying like crazy, hugging each other, saying how much we’ll miss each other… etc…

And we went home.

I sound so… unemotional. xD Really, there were so many feelings running through my mind that night that I would love to share, but this post is getting too long, and I’m tired. I’m sorry for the lack of pictures… most of them have me and my friends in them, so I can’t post them…

Oh, and Ottawa pictures are coming… I think.

Blog All-Star?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Currently feeling: chikas_pink56Shocked (but happy! :3)  

There are not enough exclamation points in the word to describe how excited I’m feeling. No, seriously.

I was just logging in to check my e-mail. Then, under the Blog All-Stars box, the words “Aria’s Blog” caught my attention. I just stared dumbly at it for a few moments, then it dawned on me that it was MY BLOG.


Ahem. I’m so happy~ I never thought I would get it in a million years.

Excuse me while I go and do my happy dance. :3

Oh, and before I go, I want to thank all my friends on Sanriotown and to all the people who take the time to read or comment on blog. You guys are the best. ;)

Aria's Blog2

Aria's Blog



Graduation Dinner… and Farewells

Currently feeling: chikas_pink17Thoughtful

Well, today was my very last day in my school.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. My classmates; yes, I don’t even talk that much to some of them, but they’re like family – I’ve known them all for so long. And for my close friends, knowing that this is the last time we will be all together in our school is… well…

And now, it’s good-bye… I don’t know. I just feel empty – not sad or mad or anything… just empty.

So, yesterday was my graduation dinner. I’ll post more about it later on, because I’m so tired. Oh, and my feet are killing me. xD I danced in heels for the entire night.

Oh, and I WON THE LANGUAGE AWARD!!! I’m so happy! x3 I’ve been worrying about it so much, I couldn’t sleep until 2 am on Monday!

And before I go, can everyone please pray for my cousin? Even if you aren’t religious, please, just wish him luck. He’s in a rough spot at the moment (I can’t say how) so, please. It would give me some peace of mind.

I guess that’s it for now. Bye.

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