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New Signatures/Banners Page

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Well, I have made a new page:


On here, I have posted several banners/signatures for public use. The problem is, I’m having all sorts of trouble posting them on the page; every single time I finish my work and save, most of the banners and stuff get cut off each time… well, I’ve finally managed to fix it up! ^^;

I guess this post is sort of a heads up for everyone… use one if you want, but please read the Terms of Use section on the page!

If you have any questions, just e-mail me: ariarose@mymelody.com! I would love to get some input. :)


                                                                         ~Aria ♪

Blog Banners!

Currently feeling: angelstar-kaos019 Exhausted x_x


Haven’t posted in a couple of days… but first of all, the greatest of great news: I GOT ADOBE PHOTOSHOP!!!chikas_pink10

Man, it’s hard to use… ^^; Well, I’m learning! The banner above is a… test of sorts, I guess. Oh, and:

Yup, Earth Hour!

Make sure to turn off your lights! :3

                                                                                      ~Aria ♪

I Made a Button!

Currently feeling: r-niya Proud & chikas_pink60 Headache-y

SanrioTown Blog Banner Voila! ‘Tis the labour of… I dunno how long it took. XD It was made in Microsoft paint. The gradients were done using this fantabulous guide: http://www.mahudsblog.ourgardenpath.com/?p=591 and the font was hand-pixelled by me, with a font from dafont.com. Not as easy as it looks. –_-;

Anyhoo, it’s certainly nothing fancy, but hey, I’m pretty proud of it. Once I get around to making a Button link page, I think I’ll be including this banner on it. There’s a possibility I’ll be getting Photoshop Elements (yay!), so I might make some fancier ones.

Well, today, we were supposed to visit a museum, but in the end, we decided not to so instead, we took a walk downtown. Let me tell you, it was cold. Now, I have a splitting headache. Don’t know if it’s related to the walk or not, but meh.

Well, to cap off this entry, I think I’ll be making some more pixelled buttons and banners when I feel up to it, so stay tuned! :3

                                                                             ~Aria ♪

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