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About Me

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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Aria, and I’ve grown to love Sanriotown and all it’s lovable members. x3 I plan on continuing blogging here for quite a while (and maybe even start playing HKO)! Please check out my posts, use one of my signatures or banners, send an e-mail or link back! 



Name: You don’t need to know. :)

Nickname: Call me Aria.

Birthday: March 14.

Age: Old enough to type properly. xD

Country: Canada, eh!

Favourite Sanrio Character(s): My Melody and Rhythm.

Favourite Video Games: Luminous Arc 2, Rune Factory 2, Phoenix Wright, Gardening Mama, Cooking Mama 2, etc. :)

Interests: Video games, writing, reading, going on the computer…

Contact Info: ariarose@mymelody.com (main e-mail) starcookie@kuririnmail.com (e-mails regarding upcoming reviews) kimonobutterfly@hellokitty.com (graphic requests should be sent here)