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Currently feeling: Patriotic. :3


Of course, there were fireworks! It’s sorta hard to take pics of fireworks, I took a video instead. xD But my family kept on talking in it, so I think it’s a bit too embarrassing for me to post it here. There were a lot of red and white fireworks near the end. :3

So, on to Canada Day! It was formerly known as Dominion Day. It’s celebrated on the first of July, to commemorate the 1867 enactment of the British North America Act. The act united the country of Canada, which was composed of four provinces at the time. x3 The provinces were: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec.

Canada Day 2008 Snowbirds over Parliament.jpg

The Snowbirds over the Parliament buildings.  I wasn’t actually there for the event, the pictures from Wikipedia (as usual). Read more about Canada Day here.

Yay for patriotic pride~ I love Canada! Second largest country, eh? (And no, I don’t actually say “eh” in real life. FYI).

And no, we’re not America’s funny hat, kay? D:

So seriously, move here. The igloos are pretty comfy. :3

:] Ok, the stereotypes are done. You can come out now.

A bit about my day – went to the eye doctor’s (eyes are fine). Oh, and the answer to that Russian mathematician puzzle will come tomorrow or something. Unless you guys want a couple more days.

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  1. America’s funny hat? :( I don’t think Canada is. Plus, I’ve never heard of the before. :P Oh well, hehe. Guess what I did? I re-did my blog, so now I only have 1 post so far. D: I’ll have more posted though. Nice blog! I was looking at the Sanriotown Blog, and saw when they posted yours. :D

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