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Yup, another post… x_x I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, so I’ll post another one for today.

So far, nothing has been really happening in summer vacation. All I’ve been doing is going on the computer, playing DS, going to the park or swimming. In other words, I’m really bored at the moment. xD

I’ve finished playing almost all my favourite DS games, which is awful. Now I have nothing to play… which is actually a big tragedy in my case. So, I’m desperately looking for new DS games to replace the old ones, but I’m having difficulty… I’ve started playing Touch Detective, which is sort of old, and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. They’re ok, they just haven’t sparked my interest all that much. So, if you guys know of any good games, please let me know.

The past couple of days have been… mediocre. My cousin is staying with us for the summer, but she hangs out with my brother more than me, because her and my brother are around the same age. We went swimming, went to the park (the park has sprinklers, so we ran through those xD), and got some free ice cream.

And that’s… it.

I’ll be banished to camp for 3 weeks, which I’m not looking forward to and I have to practice for my piano exam. Man, I’m bored.

So, how is everyone else’s summer? Hopefully better than mine. x_x

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  1. Play the Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney games.XD They’re really fun.^_^ What kind of games do you want to play? Adventure, puzzle-solving, etc.?

  2. I love that game! I’ve finished the entire Phoenix Wright series… I was so sad when I was done! I didn’t get started on Apollo Justice yet, though. I like all types… so if you have any suggestions, I would to hear them. :3

  3. Apollo’s better than Phoenix, that’s for sure.:P
    Super Princess Peach is super cute, it’s a goofier, cutesy version of the Super Mario games.:P Oh, and the Legend of Zelda game’s pretty good too. I think it’s called “Phantom Hourg-l-a-s-s” or something.^_^ “The World Ends with You” is also nice, it’s like a Final Fantasy game with a twist.XD

  4. Really? I’ve never played Apollo, maybe I’ll try it out. xP
    I played Super Princess Peach! Umbrellas are cool. ^^
    I’ve played Phantom Hourglass and The World Ends With You… you’re right, they’re both pretty cool. :)

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