Two Posts in One Day?!

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Yup, another post… x_x I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, so I’ll post another one for today.

So far, nothing has been really happening in summer vacation. All I’ve been doing is going on the computer, playing DS, going to the park or swimming. In other words, I’m really bored at the moment. xD

I’ve finished playing almost all my favourite DS games, which is awful. Now I have nothing to play… which is actually a big tragedy in my case. So, I’m desperately looking for new DS games to replace the old ones, but I’m having difficulty… I’ve started playing Touch Detective, which is sort of old, and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. They’re ok, they just haven’t sparked my interest all that much. So, if you guys know of any good games, please let me know.

The past couple of days have been… mediocre. My cousin is staying with us for the summer, but she hangs out with my brother more than me, because her and my brother are around the same age. We went swimming, went to the park (the park has sprinklers, so we ran through those xD), and got some free ice cream.

And that’s… it.

I’ll be banished to camp for 3 weeks, which I’m not looking forward to and I have to practice for my piano exam. Man, I’m bored.

So, how is everyone else’s summer? Hopefully better than mine. x_x

Graduation Dinner (Belated Post)

Currently feeling: angelstar-kaos014Tired

Ever since summer vacation, I’ve been feeling so lazy… I don’t feel like blogging at all… but since there’s still a lot of stuff to write about, I might as well get started.

So, first off, graduation dinner. Yup, a very bittersweet evening. We went to church in the morning and had our graduation mass. Afterwards, we had until around… 6 or so to prepare for the big night~

I didn’t think my mom would want to pay a lot of money for hair and nails and stuff… but in the end, I got my hair curled at the hairdressers for around  $30. Then, we rushed to a nail parlour, and a family friend paid for my manicure and pedicure~ It was $35, so I felt sorta guilty…


Blue nails! It matches the ribbon on my dress… my dress was black, strapless and ruffled-ish with a blue ribbon around the waist. I would post a pic, but since I don’t post pictures of myself online, I can’t. D: (Pictures of toes and fingers are fine, though). The thing to the left is my big toe, just in case your wondering. x(

After, I got dressed. A friend did my makeup, lent me a clutch, and we were off!

Well, I ended being semi-late… I just made it as all the graduates were walking into the banquet hall. The place was a bit smaller than I expected, but a whole lot fancier.

Before dinner started, we had the speeches, award presentations, etc. In the end, I won the Language award! (Like I mentioned in my other post). My heart never beat so fast. xD I also got on honour roll! :D

Then, the principals, teachers and valedictorians made their speeches, and dinner finally started! I sat at a table with my parents, my friends, and their parents. The food actually wasn’t all that tasty, meh. They put little star sparkles on the tables, though, and I made them into a smiley face! DSC00984 

I’m sorry for the bad quality… x(

Then, all the parents left, and the dancing started. My feet were killing me… I wore high heels throughout the entire thing, because I didn’t want to get my feet dirty, or get them cut on broken glass… (it happened to one girl last year…), so they were really sore by the end of the night. Fortunately, no blisters…

When it was time to go, let’s just say that everyone was an emotional wreck. We were all crying like crazy, hugging each other, saying how much we’ll miss each other… etc…

And we went home.

I sound so… unemotional. xD Really, there were so many feelings running through my mind that night that I would love to share, but this post is getting too long, and I’m tired. I’m sorry for the lack of pictures… most of them have me and my friends in them, so I can’t post them…

Oh, and Ottawa pictures are coming… I think.

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