Peace Tree Day (Belated) and Some Pictures of School

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Well, it was technically yesterday or something… not really sure. Anyways, you can learn about it on this website:

Our school even made our own peace tree! Not a real tree, though. A bulletin board tree… ^^;


Isn’t it nice? :) Every class had to make a symbol of peace to put on the tree. Our class didn’t finish making ours yet, so it’s not on there…

We also folded a whole bunch of paper cranes, hot glue gunned them onto some string, and hung them up! Don’t they look pretty?


I think it’s supposed to be a nod to Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, (one of the most beautiful and sad stories I’ve ever read). I even helped (sort of) fold some of the cranes! But they looked ugly. :(

Oh, and I’d like to share our tiled wall! Last year, all the students got to paint a tile and we put them on a wall.


Cool, eh? :D Oh, and on the subject of my school, here’s a picture of a drawing one of our substitute teachers drew for our class in like, 15 minutes.


It’s from the cover of a National Geographic magazine. :) Isn’t it beautiful? Oh, and this substitute teacher also used to teach drawing at my piano school (they offer other services other than piano). I didn’t remember until afterwards, but he’s an awesome guy (everyone in my class thought he was the best substitute they had), and I hope I’ll be able to meet him again in the future! It’s a small world after all, isn’t it?

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