New Cellphone!

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Does that even count as a feeling? O.o Oh well, it does now! xD

As you can probably tell from the title, I got a new cell phone! Chyeah.

DSC00977 DSC00976

Pretty cool, huh? :) I got it yesterday, but I didn’t feel like blogging, so I’m just blogging about it today.

I just noticed this, but there seems to be some sorta trend going on with my electronic stuff… my laptop is red, my camera is red, my old DS was red (now it’s white) and now, my cellphone is red… I wonder if they sell red plasma tvs? xD

Anyways, today is Peace Tree Day. Our school made a bulletin board about it, so I might take a pic and post it here (if the teachers let me…). They have also folded a whole bunch of paper cranes, glued them on strings and hung them up! They look so pretty…~ I also have a few more Ottawa trip pictures to post up later… so stay tuned for those!

One more thing; I was nominated for Valedictorian! That doesn’t mean I’m actually the valedictorian right now… all nominees have to write a 1 minute blurb saying why they think they should be valedictorian (aka, brag about themselves) and present it. People then have to vote on the person they want to be valedictorian. Wish me luck! :)

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