Ottawa Trip (Part 1)

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Finally, I’ll be talking about and posting pictures of my trip to Ottawa! Huzzah!

I’ll be dividing this trip into several posts, so it doesn’t take up too much space. :) Now that I’m looking back on it, I want to go again… ~ It was so much fun! (Please note I will not be posting pics of myself… sorry!)

So, we had to wake up at around 6 am, and headed for school at around 7. There, we took stock of luggage and everything, and steeled ourselves for a 4 hour bus ride (aka, we went to the bathroom).

We rode on the bus with a couple of bathroom breaks… Along the way, a whole group of people on our bus started competing in Mario Kart (my friend, who was sitting beside me, came in last in every race xD) I didn’t play because I didn’t bring Mario Kart, so I played Luminous Arc 2 instead, with one of my other friends watching. :3

When we (finally!) arrived at Ottawa, we went to the Rideau Center for lunch. There, we got some photo opportunities! We even got a group picture with a soldier (fyi: there were a lot of soldiers there). I can’t post it though, because I don’t post pics of myself online, and I didn’t get permission from the soldier… oh well… But I can post pics of…




Chateau Laurier! We didn’t actually get to go inside, but my friends and I left the mall and took a couple of pictures of it. We had this competition thing going on, where we were all divided into groups and had to take pictures of certain things to win (and answer worksheets…)! Chateau Laurier was one of the things we had to take  pics of.



Forgot what this was called… anyway, one of the monuments we passed by. :)

After that, we went off to our first attraction… Parliament Hill! (I’ll post some of the things I learned about Parliment Hill from the tour guide later).

DSC00790 DSC00793


The Parliament Buildings! The place where the laws of Canada are born! xD Learn more about them here:


A group of Chinese playing in a band at the front of the Parliament building… they were supposed to be promoting something, but I forgot what. ^^; That day was already scorching hot, so I felt bad for them in their long pants and long sleeved shirts…

That’s it for today… I took a whole bunch of pictures, but that’s all I’m posting for today… will be posting more later on when I have time. I’ll also go into more detail about the places I went to. :)

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