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Earth Day

Currently feeling: Earth icon Earthy ;)

Today is Earth Day! We didn’t do much really. We did watch The Lorax though… it’s a pretty cute and meaningful movie. We read the picture books a couple of weeks before. :)

Above is the first part of The Lorax. If you want to watch the rest of it, it’s all on Youtube. Check it out!

We’ll be doing a 20 minute earth clean-up on Friday. Is anyone else doing something like that for the week? We are also encouraged to bring “litterless” lunches for the entire week (no water bottles, tin foil or wrappers, stuff like that) and if we brought a litterless lunch for the day, we got a ticket that will go towards a draw.

Hello Kitty supports the earth, too! 

                                                                                             ~Aria ♪

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